Probably no story ever written explains the current state of affairs in England better than Dickens, “Bleak House.”


To summarize, Bleak House is the story of a man (Jarndyce) who dies having left two wills. It portrays the English court system as a cluster fuck of over regulation, absurd laws, and crooked lawyers.


The current arguments over Brexit are as Dickensian as they come.


The English people clearly want their country back, or at least, what they think their country is. Having been fed a continuous line of bullshit about “empire” and an endless parade of royals, they believe they should go it on their own.

Maybe they can and maybe they can’t.


Though one thing is certain. They’re not happy with the endless parade of foreigners that are getting residence in England. London has a Muslim mayor and only 45% of the population is English.


One of the central themes to Bleak House is the inability of the arrogant, rhetoric addicted Brits to come to a decision.



This has been true of England for 100 years. All the while Churchill babbled on about persevering, they were being chucked out of Singapore, India, France and voluntarily leaving Australia and Canada. Now they are cornered. The people want to be English, but the hedge fund loving Theresa May and the rest of their will vote for money house of commons will have none of it.


Dickens was, arguably, the best British author of his time.


Some would argue the greatest of all time. But like many great Brits, he knew hardship. His father, forced into debtor’s prison due to profligate spending, would be perfectly described in another Dickens masterpiece, “Little Dorrit.” In it, he again describes the absurd British legal system, it’s arrogant leaders seemingly never growing tired of listening to their own voices.


I’ve always thought that the British felt a life constantly talked about, overanalyzed, criticized and finally yearned for was not worth living. Brexit is that in spades.


The question for England though is not whether they can make a break, but whether they can survive one. This isn’t 1825 and their navy doesn’t rule the seas. A free and independent England is a very small country.


In both Bleak House and Little Dorrit, the heroine finds love and riches in the end.


England should be so lucky.



Notes on Bleak House and Little Dorrit.


Both series have been produced masterfully in Andrew Davies adaptation of the novels for BBC. It’s hard to imagine script writing and character development better than what Davies produced.



The acting is also incredible. You’ll recognize several of the actors from popular series like Pride and Prejudice, Endeavor, The Secret Garden and the US PBC production of Les Miserabe’. There are too many to name individually.


One can only wonder.






Is there any other entertainment outlet as absurdly run? In a span of one week, the NFL allowed three of its most recognizable stars to go into witness protection.


Sending Antonio Brown to the Raiders is, from an advertising perspective, like asking George Clooney to wear a sign and stand in front of a hot dog stand.


Of course, the Raiders are scheduled to play in Las Vegas in 2020, which will give Brown just enough time to demand a trade.


That said, nothing compares to sending Odell Beckham to Cleveland. What’s next, Brady to the Bills? If the Raiders are witness protection, the Browns are like being incarcerated.


In light of this, we have Le’veon Bell going to the Jets. The last time the Jets had a watchable football team the minimum wage was $1.85 an hour, Lyndon Johnson was president and people were bragging about those newfangled color television sets.


Every year, the NFL has a draft, and Bill Belichick insures none of this “talent” will ever play in the Superbowl.


The NFL is so screwed up that to ensure your team might have a good year, you have to guarantee they’ll have five bad ones. Look at the Buffalo Bills. After paying their big-time defensive tackle $100 million he came in the next season, basically retired. Sixty pounds overweight, he was so fat he had to special order a $3,000 toilet.


Welcome to money ball, a game that people watch but can’t tell you why.


I’d feel bad for Goodell. Somehow that $25 million annual salary makes it difficult.

The Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.


Well, we’ll still have POT.





Let me start by saying that I am not a global warming denier. In fact, far from it.


I can best sum up my position by saying, when the world doubles coal and oil consumption in 20 years, something MUST be wrong environmentally.


If you know anything at all about refining or mining, they are nasty businesses. Oil is nasty shit. The end-product of oil refining is really nasty shit. Rather than launch into a diatribe on Global Warming, this article by George Church sums it up pretty well.


   “Even for the ultra concerned citizens, almost all the suggestions are not about how to prevent an exponential release, but how to slow down the inevitable.”

The general problem with much of the political left is not that they’re wrong.


If they were flat out wrong, refutation of their positions would be easy. The problem with liberals is that they’re arrogant.


I’m sorry, but a university degree does not make you intelligent in anything other than that major. And, in fact, if you didn’t go to a top 50 college, or get solid A’s in a state college, you may not even be intelligent at all. The difference in entry level SAT (An indicator of preparedness, not intelligence) is simply too vast, in most cases 300-400 SAT points, to make top and middle tier universities equivalent.

Does the emperor really have no clothes? 


The thing that makes Al Gore dangerous is that he’s a politician and a capitalist. His motivations are to get elected and get rich. He failed at the former and was extremely successful at the latter.


The simple fact, as can be attested by George Church, (link above) is that there isn’t a rat’s ass chance in hell that the world is going to make meaningful enough dent in CO2 emissions to matter.  As the USA has cut it’s CO2 emissions 380 million tons in the last ten years, China has increased theirs 3 billion!


The only way the US could put a dent in China’s CO2 emissions would be to stop importing.


Yet much of the trade between the US and China was instigated by Gore. (and Clinton) It was Clinton/Gore’s free trade, banking and accounting rules changes that set off the race to destroy the planet.


Let me let you in on the world’s best kept secret.


Political parties intentionally pick unsolvable problems to promote.


For a political party, problems become industries. They build coalitions around them, including PACS, fund raising committees and university support groups. They hold strategy sessions and recruit well-meaning but increasingly dim-witted college students to support them.


For Al Gore, global warming is manna from heaven.


It gets him invited to film festivals surrounded by beautiful women invited for the free drinks. It allows him to make a killing hocking useless technology and gives him a permanent seat at the leftist bridge table. For university leftists, it gives them another opportunity to thumb their noses at the deplorables that they hate with even cell in their bodies.


How does this make Al Gore the most dangerous man in the world? For the world though, it shifts attention away from the breathtaking destruction of our planet that free trade and unlimited money creation has caused.


It’s distracts us from the single biggest issue since the 70’s; population control. It’s given the world’s biggest polluters of air and water a free pass, all the while turning our politics into toxic waste and dividing the electorate.


It’s been estimated that 1 in 4 Chinese will die of respiratory failure from inhalation of soot.


Global warming will remain the main political problem in the US until someone attempts to solve it. If that day comes, they’ll change the subject. This in and of itself makes Al Gore, and men like him, the most dangerous man in the world.


Thanks Al. Hope you’re enjoying that private jet of yours.


PS: Something to ponder.

This is a statement from Church’s artice, linked above.

“There’s more carbon in the Arctic tundra than in the entire atmosphere plus all the rain forests put together.”

If CO2 causes global warming, how can all that carbon end up in tundra?



US – The Largest Immigrant Resettlement Country In The World

Of course, 

Nothing matters

if we’re stoned.  


The German newspaper DW, again took to spinning truth by claiming Iran, unlike the US, will allow US citizens with visa’s to stay… Let’s take a look at the Travel Warning issued by the US government in August during Obama’s rein:


“The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Iran.”


Why? “Because Iranian authorities continue to unjustly detain and imprison U.S. citizens, particularly Iranian-Americans, including students, journalists, business travelers, and academics, on charges including espionage and posing a threat to national security. Iranian authorities have also prevented the departure, in some cases for months, of a number of Iranian-American citizens who traveled to Iran for personal or professional reasons. U.S. citizens traveling to Iran should very carefully weigh the risks of travel and consider postponing their travel.” 


A Japanese female journalist writes a scathing denouncement of Trump’s temporary immigration and refugee Order citing America’s history of failed policies.

But let’s take a look at Japan’s immigration policies:


1) They have taken in exactly 6 Syrians.   2)   The ‘Entire” foreign population in Japan represents roughly 1.75%.   3)   In order to gain nationalization in Japan the rules are quire strict including the fact that the immigrant must be able to provide for themselves and their family, they must have resided in Japan for a minimum of five years after the age of 21, and they must have a squeaky clean record.   4)   The largest immigrant population is Chinese, followed by Filipino’s and Koreans. 5) The total number of Iranians in Japan is estimated to be about 6000.


Canada: While puffing out its chest like a rooster in heat ready for a fight, the Canadian PM said they would take refugees!


Really?   Because as of last count they had about 321,000 total immigrants in their entire country!   A stark contrast to the 41.4 million that now reside in the US!   In 2009, they established a program to resettle refugees from Iraq. The program was to be over a five year time frame and the number allowed was raised from 12,000 to 20,000 total – or about 4,000 per year… Whoa, don’t hold your hat.


Australia: While their population is now said to be made up of about 27% immigrants, approximately 82,000 come from the countries banned by Trump which would represent 1.4% of all immigrants. Hardly a monumental triumphant podium from which to bash Trump. 


Number of Iranians living in the UK? About 86,000, but they aren’t sure… Number of Somalians? About 114,000.


The US purportedly houses well over one million Iranians – but then, we aren’t sure…  Still, that huge discrepancy would not seem to penetrate the mouth and brain of India Knight, a British journalist born in Brussels who has spoken unabashedly against Trump for his outrageous policy of securing the US borders on a temporary basis – at least until we can actually ‘know’ how many immigrants we actually do have!!


France? The last time the government even bothered to take a census was 1999, the total number of Iranian nationals in France was estimated to be about 9700.


Germany? The capital of refugees? Their Iranian population is less than 10% of that of the US.


But Trump and the US have become the bomb bastion of bastardly blathering bald badlands, defiled by a bunch of blithering bad-mouthed beastly bourgeoisie beleaguered bullies.