This is one of the many gates into Harvard. This neighborhood is super cool. On top of the dozens of Museums, there’s the Charles River, Leslie University (a really beautiful Presbyterian college), Harvard Divinity School, the Longfellow house and Longfellow Park, and several crew clubs.


Notable Alumni, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and the Boston Marathon Bombers.










In Donald Trump’s tariffs of China.


I spent years reading books about China and their relationship with England. My favorite were James Clavell’s incredible series Shogun, Taipan, King Rat and Noble House. In these, Clavell explains the Chinese mind and a concept called face.  (respect)




In short, China never gave Obama any face.


The Chinese knew Obama was full of shit up to his goofy ass ears. All his babbling about global climate change was pure BS. Obama’s job was to make sure no banker ever went to jail for theft. After his celebrated victory as the first Kenyan born president, his first meeting was with the CEO of Goldman Sachs.


The Chinese ignored Obama. They knew he needed any kind of deal he could get to appease his followers after his biggest accomplishment. The largest increase in US oil and gas production in US history. Obama needed a deal on the environment and China made him grovel like a beggar.


And, in the end, gave him nothing.


In the end, Xi refused to meet with him and in the biggest humiliation since Biden’s visit to Israel, the Chinese wouldn’t even role the steps up to Air Force One to deplane. He ended up using the plane’s stairs in a thing called “leaving by the ass of the plane.”


Obama was the mirror opposite of Reagan, thanks to the media. Obama was a media hero in the US and a clown everywhere else. Reagan was a clown in the US and the reincarnation of Constantine the great everywhere else.


If you can imagine a country run by Bernie Sanders, Jerry Garcia and the 911 hijackers, that’s China.


A country run by psychopaths, their single-minded obsession is browbeating their population into submission. An environmental shithole, they have slave labor camps, organ mining hospitals, retraining camps and 1.3 billion people who just want to live normal, peaceful lives.


My old friend Bill once told me, when I asked how he was doing training Chinese engineers, “they’re afraid to learn because if they get too smart, the government will kill them.


Trump is treating the Chinese the same way Reagan treated the Russians. He doesn’t buy the bullshit.


The American people are just warming up to how corrupt and greedy their media and politicians are. As my friend Judy likes to say, “keep the home fire burning.”






Britain is a small country with a small navy. Compared to the USA.


On a world stage, though, their navy is quite formidable. They have 88 combat ships, compared to the USA with 450, but the USA is clearly the elephant in the room.


But England has other things that are hard to measure.


As an Island, they are protected by Europe’s landmass without being connected. This means they don’t need their navy to protect their shores. They have a long and storied naval history, brave men, very good pilots and highly competent officers. They also have a long history of being projected into hostile places a long way from home.


There are tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of British citizens that spend their lives outside England.


In trade, he who protects the shipping lanes owns trade. Rome became an empire when Octavian defeated Marc Antony and took control of the red sea trade routes and the silk road.


In fact, England doesn’t need to protect the world, just Suez and the bad al-Mandeb. (The entrance to the Red Sea.) The already protect the Strait of Gibraltar.


From a purely geopolitical standpoint, China will never have a presence in the Mediterranean. It will take years, perhaps decades for them to control their own coastlines, if they ever accomplish that. They are surrounded by blood enemies in Vietnam, India and Taiwan.


Brexit breaks England from all their responsibilities on the continent and makes Europe their bastard son.


Even if Germany and France decide to build out their military, it would take years and cause unimaginable social strife. Even if they did, would you rely on France to protect you?


As I have mentioned before, Brexit returns England to its “island” status, much like it was when it first started to expand under Elizabeth 1st. Their Royal family gives them a natural tie to the middle eastern oil dictatorships and its strong cultural ties to India gives it an easy presence there.


In total, European countries rake in more than $250 billion in year in direct energy taxes and probably another $100 billion in indirect taxes. Rome got filthy rich taxing silk. England could get equally rich not only taxing oil, but having it trade in Pounds.


Brexit could work. The common Brit may not like it, but hey. They can always emigrate to South Florida and live in their summer homes.









The economy and interest rates have baked in at least two rate cuts and massive bond buying by the Fed.



If that doesn’t happen, Gold will collapse the US dollar will explode upward and oil will fall below $40 a barrel, unleashing a possible crisis in the middle east.


IMO, these factors will take Trump out and lead the way for a renegade democrat.