“Is Hitler the only historical character Americans have ever heard of?”


This was a quote from a German friend of mine. It’s so true. In America, everything bad is referenced to Hitler. Hitler did this and Hitler did that. So much of what we call history is absurd, uneducated, witless virtue signaling.


For the record, Auschwitz was built by the IG Farben chemical company, a partnership between Marcus Warburg and John D. Rockefeller to produce Zircon B, a defoliant for use on farms. It was ALWAYS going to be a slave labor camp because there was no population in that part of rural Poland.


The Auschwitz plant was built BEFORE HITLER WAS APPOINTED CHANCELLOR.  (That’s right libs, Hitler was appointed. Germany is a democracy. They don’t elect Chancellors.)


Hitler confiscated the plant and expanded it to make it an extermination camp. The point is, Auschwitz was an INVESTMENT funded by BANKS. They built it in Poland because they could use it to make money on German reparations. During the depression, one couldn’t make money investing in the US. Because of heavy reparations LENDING by BANKS, Germany became a de-facto tax haven.


The Great Depression, a Diary, by Benjamin Roth. A truly great book. 


This was the German economic “miracle” of the 30’s and why Time Magazine chose Hitler to be it’s man of the year.


Can somebody explain to me how this “miracle” is any different from Americas moronic “free trade” deals with China?


In the reparations trade, US banks lent money to France, Belgium and England. They used that money to buy products made in Germany. How is this any different from Banks lending money to the US to buy products from China?


Of course, in the weird brain of Trump, China is causing our deficit with China, not Walmart, Apple and 1,000 other companies who have moved their manufacturing there.


Conservatives keep hammering away at Socialism seemingly unaware of the fact that the best country to live in, Germany, is passive Socialist. One-half of Germany’s GDP is government spending even though they are the worlds second biggest exporter of manufactured products. Germany has a 3% unemployment rate, 6 weeks MANDATORY paid vacation and every other free gift a person could ask for.


This is not a defense of Socialism.


But “Conservatives” need to understand that when you rant on about Hitler, this is what you’re up against. Kids with $80,000 in school loans, living in coops, and working as barista’s are not going to give a shit about their lazy, fat, drive through window, doughnut slopping grandparents who are getting free health care and $45,000 a year in social security after spending 30 years in a factory trying their best not to work. Look in the mirror. That lazy bastard that won’t work may have YOU as a role model!


By the way, you didn’t “earn” Social Security or Medicare. ½ of these benefits is financed by a 7.65% corporate tax on payrolls.


No one in government is ever going to tell you this.


There are dozens of historical precedents to this. It’s the fundamental of “trade.” In trade, if I give you a chicken and you give me a hammer, that’s trade. If I give you a chicken and you give me a blowjob, that’s trade. If I give you a chicken and you give me an IOU that says, “I owe you a chicken”, that’s NOT trade. It’s a loan.


Trade MUST settle in a currency. The most successful trading nations, England, the Netherlands, Spain, all demanded settled trade. In fact, Ben Bernanke even said, without government deficits, free trade wouldn’t work. It’s GOVERNMENT borrowing that created free trade. Without massive doses of treasury bills, printed to service deficits, China, India and Indonesia wouldn’t have a CURRENCY TO RESERVE.


Civilization and Capitalism, 15th – 18th Century, Fernand Braudel. 


Earth to America. Even Indians don’t want Indian Rupees. 


Glimpses of World History, J Nehru (a look at the thinking behind the Indian Revolution.)


What’s frustrating is that even so-called financial experts don’t know what banks do.


I used to laugh watching Bernanke rest his head on his hand while Ron Paul, a man who spent way too many years staring at vagina’s, made incomprehensible statements about the Fed. The theory behind banking is 3,000 years old! Spain settled trade by digging huge holes in South America to get silver. Holland settled trade by passing draconian settlement date laws and enforcing them with debtor’s prisons and nooses. England settled trade by selling opium to the Chinese.



Banks create money by creating mortgages. When those mortgages are paid off, they settle. When the government takes out loans that will never be paid off, those loans never settle. This is why in 1939 Germany was the richest country in Europe and France and England were dirt poor, even though Germany supposedly LOST THE FRIGGIN GREAT WAR!!!


Just as in Hitler’s day, corporations rule the world. The produce crap products in rat infested, slave labor camps in countries with no environmental standards.  They lie through their noses through the media and pay for “studies” at top universities to make their products appear healthy. They also own the federal government.


The next time you decide to rant on about Hitler, do some studying first. It wasn’t hate that created Hitler, it was frustration. The same frustration we have today. And, as before, the next Hitler won’t come from some weird, right wing fringe group.


He’ll come carried on the shoulders of intellectuals and media figures like Bernie Sanders, Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews and Rachael Maddow.






























Imagine you’ve never gotten anything right for 40 years.


Gentrification, forced bussing, free sex, low fat diets, veganism, common core, Obama-care, sex education, LSD, diversity is our strength, college degrees, free trade, fad diets….


This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Elizabeth Warren is running on a platform of forgiving college loans. It was Clinton who flooded the nation with college loans. If these degrees are so valuable, why do we have to forgive loans? The basic tenant of market-based economics is this.


Things that are free have no value.


Things that you borrow to buy have no value if you can’t pay the loan back. By definition, most college degrees have no value. This is why the left is so vitriolic.


They don’t hate conservatives because the conservatives are wrong. They hate conservatives for the same reason 75% of NFL fans hate Tom Brady.


Because Brady beats them.


Here in New York, there are jobs that pay $34 an hour. Nobody wants them. The Boilermakers union is begging people to join. We have 17 million college students and a labor shortage. A boilermaker, after an $18 an hour PAID apprenticeship, makes $72,000 a year, plus a FULL TEAMSTERS PENSION, health insurance and $50 an hour overtime but can’t find people. The average salary of a college student IN A TOP 50 COLLEGE is $54,000 a year.


If you really want to have a laugh, follow Nassim Taleb’s torching of the lefts most beloved theory. The relationship between IQ and success.


The left loves to think that college degrees measure “intelligence.” That whole idea is absurd. In Universities, an IQ of 120 is common, but the fact is, a 120 IQ isn’t particularly high. A 140 is high, but an IQ of 140 is EXTREMELY RARE, even among intellectuals.


Almost all IQ studies are either meta-analysis or incidental. For example, one “study” uses SAT scores to determine IQ. The fact is, IQ is tested in grammar school and grammar school IQ’s are HIGHLY variable. An SAT is a test that tests the ability to take tests.


Both of my daughters went to “high IQ” colleges. Neither had a particularly high IQ. The average SAT in their colleges was in the top 1% of college SAT test takers. Meta-analysis puts their IQ at about 140. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


I know dozens of their friends. They’re all just normal kids that work their asses off. They have absurdly obsessive parents who make enormous sacrifices for their kids. (One friend of mine, whose daughter was attending Rensselaer Polytech, told me, “my husband and I debated if we could afford to go out for a hamburger.”)


Of all the things necessary to get into (and out of) a top college and get a REAL degree, IQ isn’t in the top 50. Don’t tell that to a professor.


In universities, PHD’s are awarded to ass-kissers.  Your chance of getting a PHD while criticizing the work of your PHD advisor is literally NIL! People who get PHD’s and become full tenured professors are all like Elizabeth Warren. Bullshitters with their lips on somebody’s ass.


If colleges degrees are so valuable, who do colleges operate as charities?


The left is obsessed with being right, especially when they aren’t. To do this, they go to extreme lengths to make statements that, frankly, only an idiot would believe and why their politicians are, like Biden, a collection of morons. In doing so, they take hypocrisy to absurd levels.


A good example is a take off on Joe (the fonds) Biden’s last brainless statement that poor kids are as smart as white kids.


On any holiday weekend, there are more people murdered on Chicago than the latest two mass murders. So why don’t they use Chicago as an example for gun control? Because the people being killed in Chicago are poor blacks.

The left claims conservatives are racist, while ignoring blacks being killed and focusing on whites.


In fact, they do this all the time. The biggest cause of obesity among the poor is FOOD STAMPS. The poor use food stamp money to buy factory produced shit with no nutritional value. All the while, as the left eats staggeringly expensive food they buy in co-ops, they allow foreign corporation to flood the market with garbage from India and Bangladesh.


As they claim conservatives are non-believers in global warming, they obsess over technology produced by slave labor in environmental shit holes.


If one were to put together a list of leftist dumb ass, you’d need a week. Unfortunately their hard to ignore since all they do is scream and are obsessed with making sure you live the life they insist you live.


So, now we have to listen to Joe Biden.








It would be the KISS OF DEATH to the left. 

Why? In a nutshell. Republicans don’t break the law.


Any gun control legislation would effectively take guns away from blacks and Hispanics.


Imagine this. A gun bill that said you cannot own a gun if you were ever arrested for DWI, assault, minor drug crimes, dropped out of high school, if you were on any mind-altering drug like Ritalin or if you were behind on child support payments.


You would literally disarm blacks and Hispanics.


Let’s look at the facts.


If Hispanics were taken out of the “white” category of crime statistics and put in with “people of color” like they do in politics, the USA would have a crime rate similar to Sweden or Germany.


Here’s the dirty little secret on “laws.”


Anyone who knows me knows I lived for 7 years in Saudi Arabia. The country has the most draconian laws on earth. Saudi Arabia’s laws don’t prevent crime. They’re laws are because the Saudi’s like most desert cultures, are INTOLERANT of crime.


The same is true in Germany. I was once torn a new butt by an elderly German woman for jay walking on A TOTALLY EMPTY COUNTRY ROAD. The Germans have zero tolerance for crime.


The left isn’t trying to control crime, they’re trying to defund the Republican party. Call their bluff.


Pass draconian gun laws. Let the mayor of Baltimore figure out how they’re going to enforce them.







As much as Trump will deny this.


They cut the Federal funds rate because it was underwater. The Fed is frustrated and has become increasing tired of Trumps continual bloviating. He needs to shut up.


Being conservative used to mean conserving. Now, it means throwing money into a bond fire. The US needs to cut its military budget in half and raise import tariffs through the roof.


The left, including the anti-fracking crowd is being funded by Saudi Arabia. Almost all of our leftists are being funded by China.


We need to wake the fuck up.