Ten things parents don’t say anymore.


Stop complaining and eat it. This isn’t a restaurant.


A little mold isn’t going to kill you.


Then go back to school and punch him in the face.



Things that are illegal

under Sharia law. 




If you want money, get a *** **** job.


Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.


We have one bathroom and six people. If you don’t like it, go shit in the woods.



Al Gore” The most dangerous man

in the world


I don’t care what everybody else in the school has, you’re not getting one.


You’ll stand during the pledge of allegiance with your hand over your heart. If you don’t, you’ll get my foot up your ass.


I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re going to church. Get your lazy ass out of bed.


This is the greatest country the world has ever known. Love or leave it.


Germany and Media – Owned By Soros



If anyone else is perplexed by the new war-monger left, join the crowd. What other reason could the have for their absurd obsession with Russia? (As seen in this article by Caitlin Johnstone.)  


The reason I say the left wants to exterminate 65 million Christians is there seems to be no other answer.


For 50 years, the left, university liberals, leftist think tanks and Democrat “Russia experts” told us that Russia was not a threat. After invading eastern Europe, destroying Poland, building the Berlin Wall, shipping countless millions of Germans to Siberia, and the “stan” republics, killing 20 million people, aiding our enemies in Vietnam, staging missiles in Cuba and finally selling Mig-23’s to Nicaragua, they were, according to the left, NO THTREAT.


But then, Russia was officially atheist.


Now that Russia has an official Christian Church and a president that supports it, they want to wage war and exterminate 65 million Christians?


To say that Russia is a threat to the US is to take a walk to Lala land. Their economy is in shambles. They have a rust bucket military. They’ve sat back while NATO has occupied Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and a dozen other countries, including Russian Ukraine and now they’re a threat? You can’t make this shit up.


Aside from being Christian, what other reason could there be to want to exterminate 65 million Christians?


One needs to understand, the word “exterminate” is not harsh.


When you control the worlds markets and blockade a country, their people are going to starve. Their children are going to die. Our blockade on Iraq caused, by the state departments own estimates, the deaths of 60,000 children. England’s blockade of German ports after WW1 caused the deaths of at least 800,000, mostly children and the elderly.


One other possibility, though, is that by adding more pressure to Russia, they can destroy evidence of Hillary’s collusion with Russia and her bribes in the Ukraine, but that’s a stretch.


One needs to remember that one of the primary goals of Communism is to destroy religion. When Communism threatened the entire Christian world, they were no threat. Now that they’re no longer a threat to Christianity, they’re a threat to Communism.


Are we going to let 65 million Christians be exterminated so some nitwit’s PHD dissertation is correct?


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Countries that leave US influence will very rapidly and perhaps permanently become shitholes.


The reasons why are rooted in economics, biology, trade, currencies, education, research and dozens of other smaller factors. We can start by looking at where it all began. Rome.


So much has been written about Rome, and so much is nonsense. 


Rome is very much like the USA. Rome was the center of education. 35 of the top 50 Universities in the world are in the US. Contrary to what the flea brains at Universities tell you, money does not come from education, money flows to education. The US has the best Universities because we have the most money.


The US and its western allies are responsible for almost all of the world’s infrastructure buildout, just like Rome was. 


Almost all modern market mechanisms were started and are largely US dollar based. Most world trade is STILL in dollars and China is not making inroads. The complexity of even simple markets is mind numbing. Tens of thousands of people are responsible for setting the price of a single commodity, like soybeans. This is not just a market but an entire environment of tens of millions of small activities that are vertically integrated.


The USA, like Rome makes the world’s “rules.


It’s the USA that keeps China from invading Australia, wiping out it’s people and repopulating it with Chinese. When Canada manufactures a cell phone, it’s the US that protects its patent. If they US did not exist, Canada would be a backwater.


No one will believe that if you leave America, you will be come a shit hole, because they can’t bring themselves to admit it.


I recently watched a PBS documentary about the effect of the collapse of Rome on Britain. The DNA evidence shows that even though the English have very little Anglo-Saxon DNA, (10%) they adopted Anglo-Saxon culture. Why would that happen? For the same reason it happened in Germany.


Even though there’s little American DNA in Germany, they mostly speak English, use US patent protection, trade in American markets and are protected by the USA.


If they leave the US system, they will become a shit hole.


In fact, this is the main reason why they created the European Union. If they leave the comfortable auspices of NATO, they become a very small country. The US has 25% of the world’s gross domestic product, versus Germany that has 5%. But US dollar-based MARKETS are probably responsible for half.


Countries that leave the US become little Venezuela’s. Shit Holes.


My short trip through the Communist USSR.


They all leave for the same reason. They feel exploited. What that don’t realize is, like classic Rome, what they call exploitation, is economic expansion. The US doesn’t want Venezuelan oil. But the trading relationship is valuable for both countries. But the sad fact is (for Venezuela) the US doesn’t need them.


Chavez’s leaving the US and advancement towards shit hole status has had one HUGE beneficiary. Colombia.


Colombia is now the US’s third biggest oil partner. They ship as much oil to the USA as Saudi Arabia. They have surpassed Mexico, Iraq, Venezuela and Nigeria. At the same time, they’ve been beneficiary of most of the Auto manufacturing business that left Venezuela.


One of the real ironies of the expansion of the Roman empire was how misunderstood it was. The empire expanded rapidly with trade. When Octavian defeated Marc Antony, that gave Rome access to the spice road ports in the Indian Ocean. This gave Rome open shipping lanes from Asia in the east, Byzantium in the eastern Mediterranean to the tin mines of Britannia to the ports in Holland and Germany.


Rome had the largest trading empire the world had ever known.


When they contracted, the next two-hundred years were called the dark ages.

The dark ages were a time when entire continents became shit-holes.

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