Our government says EVERYONE in government is a loyal, hardworking “servant.”


All one has to do is look at Comey and Mueller’s investigation of the anthrax attacks to get the skinny on Mueller. He’s a blithering idiot.


For two years he slandered a man named Steven Hatfill, a former Marine and African aid worker for planting anthrax. He ended up paying him 5.6 million in damages.


He then fraudulently accused Bruce Ivans, a man that couldn’t possibly have produced weapons grade anthrax.


The REAL Robert Mueller is exactly who you saw today. If they wanted a REAL investigation, they never would have picked this flea brain. Even Michael Moore said this.


Mueller is a white verson of Barack Obama. Remember Obama. He was the clown that couldn’t give a speech when the telepromter went down, but could go on ESPN and rattle off the names of half of the NCAA basketball coaches as well as dozens pf players. 


The deep state plants these clowns in their media show. God knows why anyone watches. 

As usual, the fake news media ignores the big stories.


When Argentina attacked the British in the Falkland Islands, Ronald Reagan held back support until he was “forced” by bullshit about our special relationship to back Thatcher. Trump isn’t nostalgic.


When Pompeo (I love his name) told the Brits to protect their own ships, the normal British pompousness vanished. 70 years of blank check protections bequeathed to small stick carrying British commanders vanished with it. The truth is, Britain can’t protect its own ships.


Of course, this is what the Queen feared the most and why she invited Trump to England and forced her spoiled grandson to show up.


I love Queen Elizabeth.


Even though I’m not British, I would have joined an army she commanded. She’s probably the only western leader worth fighting for. She’s hard nosed and smart. In her 70 years on the throne she’s suffered through some of the biggest assholes, pompous lesser royals and bullshit politicians the world could throw in front of her.


In this, Trump is doing Elizabeth a HUGE favor.


Like Elizabeth 1st, who stopped her commanders from another nation bankrupting war to regain Normandy, Trump is giving her nation another slap in the face of reality.


Make no mistake, the British are highly intelligent.


Unlike Harvard, you don’t simply waltz into Oxford because your daddy is Joe Biden. (Although it helps) But it’s been almost a hundred years since they could effectively project their navy against a world power.


The famous French historian Fernand Braudel once said that it was Elizabeth 1st that turned England into an Island.


Their greatness has never been in fighting wars but in protecting the pound and projecting their currency around the world. The pen is only greater than the sword when it’s being used to sigh a check.

When Trump visited England, the Brits paraded a balloon portraying Trump sitting on a toilet, texting. It was perfect.


That’s the only throne the US ever needed.










1) It’s so evil, it’s Satanic.


I have a good friend who was an orphan placed in foster care at the age of 6 months. Listening to her life story is like a knife in the chest.


They live in constant fear. Fear of being out on the street, fear of not having food, changing “families”, and, the constant fear of physical and sexual abuse.


Any man found guilty of trafficking minors would be the most despised person on the planet.


2) Why underage girls?


Anyone whose ever traveled the world knows, it’s overrun with stunningly gorgeous prostitutes. Most men never see them because they’re $3,000 a night, but for power brokers and billionaires this is tip -money.


3) No one has to TEACH oral to a 25-year-old eastern European women.


They have college degrees in it. Why would someone troll the world trying to find kids? To a grown man, what could possibly be less sexually attractive than a 14-year-old?


4) High end prostitutes are often VERY talented.


Anyone whose read my novel “39 Down” knows that Alejandra, my main feminine character is a real person. I met her in Zurich in the 80’s. She was amazing. She spoke English, Italian, Portuguese and German. She was so beautiful that it was difficult sitting next to her. I’ve never met a more engaging woman. She was funny, intelligent, classy and sexier than anyone you’ll EVER see in a movie. Epstein could have had 100 Alejandra’s with a phone call. (No, I didn’t pony up the $3,000 fee)


Another that I met in Manila was a former Miss Aruba, who is a character in my novel “Formula One.” In that novel, Aussie Greg, (not his real name) was murdered. Greg’s wife, in life and fiction, tried to fix me up with her. She was a knockout, dressed to the 9’s and blanketed in jewelry. When she smiled, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Most of these women in Asia dated old Arab billionaires who couldn’t find a vagina with a head lamp. a cup of flour and a magnifying glass. A “date” to them was an escort. They’d go to dinner, a club, perhaps dancing.


What sick bastard would enslave 14-year-old orphans when they can have women like this.


The reason I’m going on and on about this is, people don’t realize, these women are FAR FROM RARE. They’re all over. Why would Epstein traffic minors?


5) How did Epstein attract so many powerful people?


It’s reported that Bill Clinton traveled to “orgy Island” 26 times. He is seen in one photo with his arms around two 15-year-old sex slaves. If I was on an island called orgy Island, I’d expect eastern European prostitutes. If I saw a 15-year-old, the first question I’d ask is, how old are you and where’s your mommy?


You see a little kid with no breasts drinking a smoothie on an orgy Island and nobody asks, “what the hell are you doing here?” I would even question why Trump had them working in Mara Largo.


How could it be possible that so many powerful men are morally depraved, child molesting lunatics? Or, maybe that’s not the right question. Maybe the question should be…


Who recruits all these morally depraved, child molesting lunatics to run for public office?



Can we, for a brief moment,

cut the crap?

There are few things that are a bigger pile of self-love inspired, shopping mall mentality bullshit than self-determination.


No one is self-determined. As John Donne said, “Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” People are born into culture’s, bound by rituals, beliefs and religions. Elizabeth Warren is dead wrong when she says, “you didn’t build that road.”

If we didn’t build our society based on our rules, our beliefs and our religion, we wouldn’t need a road. We’d be using a dirt path.

The whole idea that the “noble savages” as Steven Pinker calls them could have ever built a modern society is such of pile of asinine leftist horse-shit that frankly, only a dimwit university professor would ever believe it.

This is why we need to defend imperialism.  

If you travel across Europe, you’ll see countless Roman ruins. There are aqueducts, colosseums, bridges and roads, some still in use today. The Romans were imperialists and the signs of their genius are thousands of miles away. And not just in building, but in literature, laws, banking and democracy.

Yet, for 1,500 years, the indigenous people they “enslaved” still couldn’t replicate what the Romans did.

Is there somebody out there that believes that Native Americans, if left alone, would have manufactured steel, developed a written language or started their own banks? The idea that these “natives” were peaceful and believed in coexistence are absurd. They were no less bloodthirsty and greedy than the Europeans that pushed them out.

So, why do we worship their culture? Because they got their asses kicked?

Of course, we know they would have been better off without us. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get raped and watch their children starve and be sold into slavery after their father’s scalp was removed. It must be pure joy to live in a society where the average life expectancy is 23 and you spend those years with bug infestations gnawing away at your skin.

What could be more fun than being 8 months pregnant and pounding a dead muskrat against a rock to make your new baby a pair of underwear?

I worked for seven years in Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the oil industry. We (the west) found their oil, drilled it, produced it, refined it and sold it to ourselves. We then GAVE THEM THE MONEY. And with the bonanza of wealth they created a woman’s prison, financed worldwide terrorism run through hundreds of madrassas and poisoned half the world with their corruption.

Is there somebody out there that believes that these Cro-Magnons would have done this if we didn’t leave them to “self-determine.”

The Venezuelans aren’t starving because of imperialism, they’re starving because of self-determination. It was imperialism that gave them an oil industry, roads, electricity and modern farming practices. If it wasn’t for imperialism, their population would be 1/3 of what it is today. It was the people that voted Chavez into power.

Look at India, the world’s biggest “democracy.” They have a population of 1.3 billion. Every day, over a billion of their people shit into a toilet that flushes into a creek, which goes to a river, that goes to the ocean. What kind of people, in 2019, shit in their own water supply?

They, along with China are poisoning the world with water and air pollution.

They cannot control their populations and can’t feed the people they have. In the decade between 2006 and 2016, India added the equivalent of 1/3 of the entire US population.

Of course, this is our fault.

A huge percentage of the world’s educated population is Christian, specifically Catholic. Even in communist China, Moslem India and atheist Russia this is the case. When mother Theresa went to Calcutta to minster to Indians and give them a respectable death, she was doing death bed conversions to Hindu’s she found dying on the streets.  She was criticized by the same Hindu’s that wouldn’t lift a finger to bury their own people. She was called a hypocrite for trying to convert them from a culture that doesn’t give a damn about their people to one that does.

Kipling called this “The White man’s (or perhaps woman’s) burden.”

It’s high time that the west, specifically the Christian west, or more specifically, the conservative Christian west starts to tell the rest of the world to fuck-off.

We don’t want any more of their drug induced faiths, idiotic theories, witless mantra’s or “we are the world” governments. It’s not our fault that you shit in the street and we aren’t responsible every time you pump out another 100 million babies you can’t feed, won’t educate and don’t give a shit about.

The economic systems that the west built are insanely complicated…

and require intelligence, hard work and perseverance to maintain. If it’s so easy to develop trading system, why haven’t any of the indigenous cultures done it? The same people who call our system imperialist, can’t even manufacture their own toilets.

Every country that the west enveloped in our “imperial” model is today 1,000 times better off than it was under self-determination.

Korea, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Colombia one could name 50 more. Every country that has rejected it is, to use Trumps apt word, a shit hole. Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Belorussia, China, North Korea.

Why do we keep apologizing for being right? In what war does the winner surrender?

In the new world order of today, you can’t get a job in a University, even a Catholic university, if you say that the west has any merit. This is our “intelligentsia.” Millions of people are strapped with debt loads that have destroyed their lives because they’ve listened to these university half-wits.

Should the US invade Venezuela and replace its government?

Your god-damned right we should. And if the next populist flea-brain that wins an election because he wants to confiscate private property?

We should take his worthless ass out also.

Imagine for a moment that you live in Caracas and your 6-year-old daughter comes up and says “mommy, I’m hungry. Are we going to eat today?” Imagine what goes through the mind of a father or mother who has to hear that, all the while Hugo Chavez’s kids are living on the French Riviera in a hotel that costs $600 a night.

Then tell me you don’t want to hang Maduro from the closest tree. (1) 

Our spoiled, cloistered, mall rat professors and palm greasing media figures love to tell us that self determination is the ultimate freedom. That’s because they make their money on that.

But there are other freedoms they ignore.

Like the freedom to flip a light switch and have a light come on. The freedom to go to a grocery store and buy a can of Spam. Or the freedom to start a business and not have it confiscated by the local communists so their kids can go to Harvard and live on the French Riviera.

Without these freedoms, self-determination is just another worthless college course.


(1) Maria Gabriela Chavez, 35, the late president’s second-oldest daughter, holds assets in American and Andorran banks totaling almost $4.2billion, Diario las Americas reports Daily Mail, UK.