Puzzled by the Hunter Biden Story?



If you’re puzzled by the Hunter Biden story, join the crowd.



My main puzzlement of the Hunter Biden saga, (Still hunting for a career in his 40’s) is the total lack of any attempt to think morally or legally about what Biden did.


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Hunter Biden Bio: Perfect loser, Biden married his brother’s wife after he died. He did this to “console her in her bereavement.” While doing this, he was caught smoking crack and having affairs. Hunter Biden was smoking crack while he was living in the house with Vice President Biden’s grandchildren. His reward?


He finds $50,000 a month job on the board of a natural gas company in Ukraine, a country whose government was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by the Obama/Biden administration. The orchestrate a $1.5 billion load from a Chinese bank controlled by the Chinese government. This load was secured based on threats from Joe Biden, WHICH HE PUBLICLY ADMITTED TO IN FRONT OF A TV CAMERA!


This “company” formed by Joe and Hunter buy a huge swath of Ukraine’s natural gas assets.


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Trivia Sunday: Name a country whose natural gas supply is OWNED BY THE SON OF A POLITICAL LEADER WHO OVERTHREW THEIR GOVERNMENT?  (I’ll wait.)


Of course, in a perfect world this would be illegal. In a perfect world Eric Holder, Obama’s attorney General would have put a kibosh to this. But in the real world, Holder typically didn’t drag his ass out of bed until ten and generally showed up for work just before lunch, not that he would have been puzzled by the Hunter Biden story.


One man puzzled by the Hunter Biden story was Donald Trump.


As someone who is being accused of crimes on a near daily basis, his puzzlement in the Hunter Biden story led him to take the OUTRAGEOUS step of asking the Ukraine to investigate.


So, to summarize our puzzlement in the Hunter Biden Story, Biden uses his political influence to score a huge payment for his cheating, worthless, crackhead son. He does this by borrowing money from China, all the while the US, having finally realized China is our enemy, is orchestrating the “Asia pivot.”


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And the President of the United States, whose JOB is to uphold the LAW, is criticized by the media and Democrat party for asking for an investigation. Puzzled by the Hunter Biden story, or are you, like me, totally baffled?


Interestingly, after this, and after Trump exposed China’s trade practices, our puzzlement with the Hunter Biden story took another turn, after Joe Biden (after securing 1.5 billion in loans for his son) proclaims the FREE TRADE WITH CHINA ISN’T A PROBLEM…


And nobody in the media or Democrat party, as well as the justice department sees this as a quid pro quo.


Still puzzled about the Hunter Biden story? Join the crowd.








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