Rise of the Disney-crats

Rise of the Disney-crats


It’s amazing how much you can promise when your budget is not an issue. This is what gave us the rise of the Disney-crats.


We have Dopey – Bernie Sanders. This is the guy that thinks the Soviet Union had a great economic system.


Grumpy – That’s Elizabeth Warren, a woman that whines more than a stripped transmission.


Happy – That’s mayor Pete. He’s happy! That’s because not only can he invent his own Bible, but also his own biology.


Sneezy – That would be my favorite Disney character. Erik Swalwell. Swalwell is so stupid, he’d be better off sneezing or farting than talking.


Doc is Kamala Harris. She’s kind of a like Doctor J. Doctor J simply declared himself a doctor, much like Harris declared herself the daughter of slaves, something her FATHER disputes.


Bashful is Kirsten Gillibrand. Gillibrand changed her name because she was bashful about being a lawyer that defended BIG TOBACCO.


Sleepy would be Tulsi Gabbard. That’s because even though Gabbard is the only Democrat with anything even remotely resembling a brain and the only candidate in either party that cane beat Trump, she’s a sleeper to win the nomination.  When the government doles out money by the boatload, anybody can be President. Even Mayor Pete.


As Donald Trump tries to face real issues, the seven dwarfs drag us back to Disney World.










Dopey, grumpy, happy, sneezy, bashful, doc sleepy.




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