Rat Trap

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Edgy, fast paced. Belgian Ex-SS agent free-lances to save a Moroccan woman held in a prison. Twists? The prisoner is the love child of the world’s most sinister bank, a bank that’s extracting blood money from a south American dictator. The prison is disguised as a floating cat house and hidden in the swamps of south Louis*iana. The story has sex, red necks, international intrigue and a hot Cajun love interest named Emma Jean.


Great genre, great scenery, inexpensive to film, written with a script advisor who’s been in the business for 30 years. 97 pages, it’s available on demand in either PDF or Final Draft and is registered with the WGAE. To request a copy, fill out the request form below. 

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Formula #1

The sequel to Rat Trap, this screenplay is based on the soon to be released novel, “Formula #1. An international cartel of weapons merchants develops a drug previously used by the Nazi’s, a methamphetamine that induces bravery and energy. They smuggle the drug worldwide in the equipment containers for a Formula One race team based in France. Formula #1 included most of the characters from Rat Trap including Henri Bordeaux, Cleatus and Samantha.  To request a copy, fill out the request form below.

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Vinney D’Noodle

A hilarious, catchy, comedy with a “\Yo Adrian” personality. Vinney, a zoo guard is hired to teach Special Ed to a collection of misfits. One writes a paper claiming that the moon landing was an attempt by the white man to steal the moon walk from Cab Calloway. Another proves in mock trial that Washington’s cherry tree incident was a false flag. D’Noodle’s love interest is a teacher and old high school flame that gets uncontrollably horny at the smell of office supplies. Funny, but never zany, the characters are loveable and identifiable. The story itself, set entirely in a school, would be a real budget pleaser.  To request a copy, fill out the request form below. 

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