Socialists are morons.

Socialists are morons.

Why are we having this conversation, AGAIN?

Years ago, when I lived in Dhahran, we had a store behind the compound where the TCN’s (Paki’s and Indians) shopped. It had things they are, curry, chilies, rice, dates, yada yada.

I had never been inside, so I walked in, looked around and was leaving when the proprietor stopped me.

“Oh sir, what are you looking for?”

“I was looking for canned soup,” I said. The store was small and had no canned anything. In fact, they didn’t have any processed food.

“Oh sir, I am sorry, what kind of soup do you want?”

“Progresso, bean and macaroni soup.”

“Come back tomorrow, I will have it for you.”

The next day I waltzed in and there it was, a case of Progresso bean and macaroni soup on the shelf between what looked like dried yak ears and something a witch would put in a hex bowl. Amazingly, it was the same price that it was in Houston when I lived there.

This is why capitalism works. It creates EQUALTY.

Anyone, anywhere on earth can buy the same quality canned soup at the same price. You don’t get better Progresso bean and macaroni soup if you’re rich. You get the same fucking can, take it or…. Leave it? No, you have a million other choices. Let’s make a list of places where only the wealthy can buy Progresso bean and macaroni soup. Venezuela, Belorussia, the old Soviet Union, India 20 years ago, Myanmar… see the pattern?

The only places where you can’t buy shit are the places that claim everyone’s equal.

Geez, what if you can’t afford Progresso bean and macaroni soup? In most western countries, the capitalist, profit-seeking pigs will GIVE YOU THE MONEY.

Socialists are so stupid, they’re not worth listening to.

Here another question. When the Soviet Union fell, all their companies went bankrupt. How much money did the average Russian lose in his 401-k when their stocks became bankrupt? ZERO! They didn’t lose anything because their companies, like the products they produced, were worth nothing!

You can bet your capitalist ass that if Apple, Microsoft, and General Mills go bankrupt (General Mills makes Progresso bean and macaroni soup) you’re going to hear some bitching.

But doesn’t capitalism create a huge disparity between the rich and the poor?

No. It produces disparity between the insanely rich and the perpetual bitching class. The poverty level in the USA is $26,000 a year for a single man. This is more money than 95% of the people in the world makes. The average poor American has more living space than the average middle-class person in 90% of the world.

America is the only place I’ve ever been where people are supposed to give money to drug addicts. I had a guy ask me for “spare change” last week and he was holding a cigarette and a $4 cup of Starbucks coffee. You have people in America that are begging for money in front of businesses that have help wanted signs on the window.

The best capitalists to me were Linus Larabee and Big Jake McClintock.

In the movie Sabrina, Bogart said, (to paraphrase) “What’s money got to do with it? It’s progress. A factory is built, homes go up and some poor stiff who never had a dime now has a dollar.”

And in Big Jake, John Wayne says,

“What are you thanking me for?”

The young man he just hired says, “For giving me a job.”

And Jake responds, “I’m not giving you anything. You’re going to work, and I’m going to pay you. That’s the deal.”

Back in the day, people thought like this. They knew that you don’t help them by coddling them and feeling sorry for them.

It’s true in America some people fail. In Socialist countries, everybody fails.

Years ago I went to East Germany, before the Berlin Wall fell. It was an interesting phenomenon, If you went from West Germany to East Germany, you were called a vacationer. If you went from East Germany to West Germany, you were called a defector, and you were shot!

As I said, Socialists are morons.




  • Stephen Keesing
    Posted at 1:06 am, February 14, 2019

    Not that long ago I had a far left leaning Colombian friend of a friend who moved to Canada with her Canadian husband and she proudly urged her Colombian friends on facebook to move to Canada because education and health care are “free”! Her new Canadian pals soon corrected her, but I guess if you have never in your life paid net tax, then you would think everything was free.

  • Posted at 9:55 am, February 14, 2019

    Socialism brings everyone down to the least common denominator, except for the ruling class they live like billionaires