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39 Down, a Paul Trifthauser novel

  A code

  A Spy 

  An Assassination


(Cast of characters)


People thought Joseph Schneider was insane. Locked up in a convalescent home for 17 years, he maniacally tore through 3,000 crossword puzzles. 


Then he died. 

But some secrets are better left buried. 

Hidden inside Schneider’s puzzles was a code. A code so secret and so lethal, it would rock the world. That is, if anyone discovered it.

That person was one least able to decipher it, Schneider’s grandson, Paul Trifthauser. 

A drunk and a drifter who finally settled into a semblance of a life, Trifthauser stumbles across his grandfather’s legacy, buried in a barn in the country. 

Armed with nothing but a mathematician and a seductive prostitute named Alejandra, Trifthauser opens his grandfather’s pandora’s box…. and triggers a landslide. 


“This book is a thrilling ride on a rollercoaster, and dropping you only to lift you higher and higher. The last hour of the book you will never put down.” 

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Spy novel

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