Book #2: Discordia

spy novel

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Book #2 in the series, “Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot


An assassination… a secret code… and an abused young girl who can move the world… with her songs. 

(Cast of characters)

The cartels offered Trifthauser a two year truce. But with the death of his fiance  changed that. Armed with nothing but his grandfather’s puzzles and the beautiful and sultry assistant Alejandra, he set’s out to deal his enemies the only thing that can keep them alive. A death blow.


But to beat them, he must become what he feared he’d become the day he found his grandfather’s scheme.   A man so paranoid and so buried in enemies that he had no friends, no family, no country and no allies.

He must become a psychopath.

He must become his grandfather.

He must become Joseph Schneider!


“Filled with fascinating characters and a fast driven plot, this novel is full of momentum that will propel readers from page one.” Amazon Reviews.