Book #3: My Brother’s Keeper


The exciting continuation of “Joseph Schneider, Traitor Patriot!

(Cast of characters)

It’s said that there’s no hate like family hate. Discovering Joseph Schneider’s secret, carved into a gray weather gravestone in Eastern Germany Paul Trifthauser follows the path to Hanover and finds his greatest nemesis; his cousin Horst Druckenmiller. 


But to get to Druckenmiller, he must go through Druckenmiller’s daughter, the beautiful shrew Sabrina Luneberg, equestrian champion and princess of the House of Hanover.  To beat the cartels, he must first beat his greatest enemies. His family. 


“The best of the series and an excellent read.” 

“Spellbinding. Schwartzmeyer is an amazing storyteller.” 

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