That which is easy to understand, isn’t worth knowing.

That which is easy to understand, isn’t worth knowing.

In the human mind, the fact that things that are easy to understand aren’t worth knowing is spelled out in a human trait that is the death of intelligence. Belief.

Belief is a brain shunt. It keeps humans from going through the mental exercise of having to learn. As Simon Perez once said, “It’s easier to remember than it is to think.” Belief works the same way.

Belief is why people follow leaders.

Belief has infected people so severely that many can’t imagine thinking any other way. One particular football fan once said to me, “well, if you don’t follow Buffalo who do you follow?” I said, “nobody, I just watch the games.” He told me I was a lair. “You MUST FOLLOW somebody.”

People who lead are entrusted. Entrusting is giving away your freedom to think.

Trust means you don’t have to think, all you have to do is follow. This is why the people with the largest groups of followers are typically, stupid. This has led to the concept they call populism, which is hero-worship in drag. This includes rock stars, actors, politicians and tele-evangelists.

This is why we say a person pays attention. There is a price for following and often that price is high.

Our current moron at the head of the march is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman so clueless, she makes Bernie Sanders look smart. Cortez has floated a number of economic ideas that are so brainless, they should be written in the style of Doctor Seuss.

It’s easy to believe that if one person has money and you give it to someone else, you are creating fairness. That people who are rich should “pay their fair share.” Or that rich people “cheat.” It’s easy to believe that we “owe” the native Americans because they were here first.

Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on earth.

But when people say he’s worth $131 billion dollars, that’s just plain ignorant. Stock isn’t money. If Bezos tried to sell even half of his stock, the price of Amazon stock would go into freefall. In doing so, it would destroy people’s 401-k’s. Amazon stock in a key holding in almost every stock mutual fund on the planet.

But to Cortez, and an army of brain-dead believers, this is a pool of money they can use to right all wrongs.

It’s also why asset confiscation doesn’t work.

Let’s look at the examples.

  • Stalin confiscated land. Food production fell so rapidly, he killed 20 million people so he could feed the rest.
  • Zimbabwe confiscated land. The people starved.
  • Canada nationalized Dome Petroleum. They went bankrupt.
  • Chavez confiscated its oil assets from companies. They went bankrupt.
  • New York raised taxes, enacted confiscatory policies and the people of New York sue their employers at some of the highest rates in the world. Result? New York can’t even bribe people to go there.

Asset confiscation destroys wealth and spreads misery.

Today’s democratic believers are in the same boat the Republicans were when they elected the moron George Bush.

Bush couldn’t pronounce the word nuclear. He once tried to give Angela Merkel a neck massage in a conference with hundreds of attendees. He claimed to be a brave patriot after dodging the draft and going AWOL. He then started a war funded with a tax cut against one of the few countries in the entire middle east that didn’t have ties to 911. His most famous quote, which no one wants to admit hearing was, (when referring to Putin) “I looked into his eyes and saw the man’s soul.” Cute. So biblical.

Putin must have spit his Vodka all over his wife’s face when he heard that zinger.

This is the pain of being a follower. (believer) The amount of shit one has to eat; the hypocrisy, gutlessness and endless wagon-loads of cow manure turn people into groveling losers.

I call this follow the loser strategy “Tom Brady syndrome.” People believe that Brady, the last person drafted in his draft class won 17 AFC titles, 9 AFC championships and 6 Super Bowls by cheating. And all the while they’re hating Brady, they’re following THE LOSER.

This is the price you pay for being a follower.

In 1899, Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem entitled “The White Man’s Burden.” It’s considered one of the most racist poems ever written.

In the 1980’s I worked in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s didn’t, even though it’s their country. Saudi’s don’t work, they drink tea. An interior ministry study found that the average Saudi works 27 MINUTES A DAY.

The West found the oil, drilled it, shipped it, refined it and sold it to ourselves and gave them the money. In fact, we gave it to them in American dollars that they could spend anywhere in the world. In return, they arrested people who worked there for having Christmas trees, bribed our politicians, financed the terror attacks on 911 as well as Al Qaeda in Iraq, and gave Hillary Clinton $200 million.

But just as it’s easy to believe capitalism “works”, it harder to see that it doesn’t. Capitalism destroys small business and regional economies. It also causes excessive bank lending leading to bubbles.

The biggest threat to the world today is not communism it’s unrestrained capitalism.

Communism is dead. There are only a small handful of communist countries. But people think because capitalism survived, it works. In evolution, we call this survival bias yet in economics we call it winning. Go figure.

Dozens of countries today rely on imported food and energy. They pay for this by borrowing money they can’t pay back. It’s easy to believe it’s their fault, but that’s like believing unwanted pregnancy is somebodies’ fault. Running an economy based on a brainless idea that people are going to do the right thing is almost as stupid as believing you can create wealth by confiscating assets.

Capitalism is failing in spades because the big trading cartels have succeeded.

Markets rule the world, and now we have unconstrained population growth and a massive increase in artificial GDP. Billions of people who used to live on rice and pulses (beans) are living on meat and cheese. People are bigger, eat more and shit more. This means pollution reins supreme.

The third world is wallowing in untreated shit.

In the last 8 years, world production of chlorine and caustic soda, used for water treatment, has gone up 80%. India has increased it’s population by the equivalent of half the US population since 2006 and only 15% of Indians shit in a toilet connected to a sewer.

If you want to see a holocaust, every year 350,000 Indian children die of diarrhea.

We know this, we see this, but we ignore it. We follow “leaders” who sugar coat facts because it’s easy. But remember, things that are easy to understand aren’t worth knowing.

All hating Tom Brady means is that you’re following a loser. Idol worship is stupidity in drag. Capitalism works so well the world is on the brink of total collapse.

But hey, isn’t it better than communism?











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  • Alan Aszkler
    Posted at 4:07 pm, February 17, 2019

    Critical Thinking aka (Problem solving) what we used to call American ingenuity is why a free market society flourishes. High Modernism is what causes the demise not capitalism. China was decimated by communism under Mao with his grand planning in areas where he had no clue nor did he allow any advisors with expertise and local knowledge to shit on his grand plan. Just like how AOC launched a senseless grand plan and believe me she would love to send all Climate deniers to the death camps for pissing in her GND organic corn flakes. China pulled back the totalitarianism allowing people to keep more of what they produced with less restrictions, boom. Problem is there are no bigger high modernistic grand planners in the history of the world than the Chinese. Massive building for the sake of building will bust their economy in our lifetimes. Every Ruler eventually loses their mind through loss of power paranoia.
    Lack of common sense, zero problem solving skills and not allowing people to fail catastrophically is more of the problem than capitalism. We grew up in Lackawanna, if WNY was to receive a high colonic the tube would be shoved in LA. We got shit on a lot. Did we collectively look to the government to make it stop? No, we decided to crawl out of the toilet and become the shitor. I find the name of the city to be ironic . We got out of the shithole because there was no Lack of Wanna to do so.
    The real problem we lost common sense, a pain based problem solving skill you learned on the playground. Dodge ball, King of the Hill and Roller Hockey taught us life skills. We used our ingenuity to create a pick up league of neighborhoods solving our problem of not having ice to play hockey like the rich kids. Local knowledge, ingenuity, common sense created the solution. It was a free market league. When the banking industry came in , aka government took over, the league gained a master plan diversified it target market and self-destructed.
    The failure of society is high modernistic planning swooping in to save the day. Can any Bank fail today? How about countries? Are we not going to swoop in and save Venezuela? High Modernism needs to kill people and break things on a global scale because we don’t let people fail catastrophically at a local level. We see the poor bastard who lost it all and is now a hopeless addict yet we keep pumping them full of narcan saving the day. Yet when we hear of hundreds of millions murdered by Communism , that is a distant statistic. Free Markets are cruel yet fair, communism is just cruel, Capitalism like it or not is just endless War.