The Author


Paul Schwartzmeyer was born in Lackawanna, NY. He was a radio operator and NCO in the Marines. While in the Marines he achieved a perfect score on the Marines physical fitness exam 3X and was chosen as one of the men who ran with the Olympic torch through the US for the Olympics held in LA.


After college he worked as a production engineer on oil rigs in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi before going overseas to work in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and in the Rub al Khali, the desolate moonscape in the south Arabian-peninsula.


In Saudi Arabia, he was licensed for radioactivity and explosives and spent many years perforating well casing in remote locations. It was here that he met and befriended, for a brief time, some of the Bedouin tribes that drove their camel herds north on their yearly migrations.


He’s lived and/or worked in over 30 countries and was a member of the infamous Lucy’s Tiger Den, the American legion China post one, now extinct, in Bangkok. It was here that he befriended Tiger, and many of the characters in his novels are based on members of the Tiger Den.


After returning to the USA, he started Landon-Fillmore systems.


Many of his characters were people he knew in real life including the gorgeous and sexy Alejandra, the prostitute that becomes Paul Trifthauser’s partner in “39 Down,” who he met in Zurich. Alexi Provo, the model in “Formula #1,” he met in Monaco during Grand Prix week.

Thriller novel

Marie, the former Miss Aruba in “Formula#1” he met in Manila. Sharazad is based on a refugee of the Iranian revolution he met in Honolulu.


Aussie Greg, murdered in “Formula #1” was an actual character named Aussie Greg, murdered in Manila in 1986.


Two of the more interesting characters though are Mohammad bin Haji and Faridah. (Not their real names.) Bin Haji was based on a man he met in the Rub al Khali, who was a member of a Bedouin tribe that came to the rig to water his camels. Faridah was based on a 12-year-old Bedouin girl that came into his camp with her brother and asked for a box of cereal.

Spy Novel


Joseph Schneider, Paul Trifthausers grandfather in the Traitor-Patriot series, is a fictional character based on his two grandfathers. Both emigrated from the same part of Bavaria in the 1850’s. One, Joseph Reeb, was a tanner for the Pierce Arrow company of Buffalo from 1915-1917, before going off to fight in world war 2. Reeb was a decorated combat veteran who fought in the battle of the Argonne Forest.


 Although the stories are fictional, many of the plot lines are based on author observations of people and places that exist and events that mirror real events. All characters that are members of foreign or US intelligence services are fictional, including CIA, FBI, NSA agents and hostage negotiators.


The author is convinced that the cartels exist. His novels, though spy fiction, exposes a part of the underworld the reader probably will never hear of anywhere else.


The author has two daughters, Sarah and Meghan and lives at different times in the US, Europe and South America.