The Dem’s are walking off a cliff… Pelosi knows it.


The Dems are walking off a cliff. In an impeachment both sides have discovery rights. Donald Trump, as chief law enforcement officer in the US not only has the right to investigate Hunter Biden, he has the responsibility.  Pelosi knows this.


An impeachment is not a trial, it’s a show trial.


In this show trial, the democrats are going to have to defend Hunter Biden, a man who is the poster child for what they’re campaigning against. White Supremacy. This is where the Dems walk off a cliff.


All of Joseph Biden’s children went to Harvard, a mathematical impossibility. Hunter was given a coveted position in the Navy reserve even though he was not only too old to join but had a history of drug problems. He was such a coddled brat that he actually failed his Navy drug test because he was snorting coke.


The Joseph Biden, Hunter Biden case in Ukraine stinks to the high heavens. Pelosi knows this.


The only thing that makes what Hunter Biden did legal is that his father is Joe Biden. Do the Democrats actually believe that the American people are going to side with a spoiled, drug addicted loser who was paid $50,000 a month for a no show job?


In this now public phone call, the Ukrainian President, elected by a large majority even though the polls said he’d lose, (see a pattern here) used the words DRAIN THE SWAMP referring to his own government corruption.  But here’s the dirty little secret.


The “swamp” he was referring to were all installed after a coup by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joseph Biden. All this will come out in an impeachment. The former President of the Ukraine once said publicly that she donated to the Clinton Global initiative because Hillary promised a coup.


The reason she’s relenting is money. The key driver of funds for the democrats was the promise of impeachment. Now that they’ve drained their contributors dry, they have no choice but to relent. Failure to do so would lead to party bankruptcy.


This is another Democrat cliff and Pelosi CERTAINLY knows this. 


For Trump, impeachment is manna from heaven, though I doubt his ego will allow him to think this way. If Trump were to be impeached and removed from office, he would become a media monster. As a martyr to the right, especially is the US goes into a depression, he could potentially form a media empire that would destroy CBS, NBC, ABC CNN and Fox.


The democrats invented the idea of white supremacy to claw back black voters.


It’s been a total disaster. Another cliff. Pelosi knows this. 


By all accounts, if there is a black vote, it’s going to Trump. In an impeachment, they’ll look like even bigger hypocrites than they already look like.


The media will go along with impeachment because it’ll spike their ratings, but less than 10% of Americans watch the news and with cable, they can’t draw the audience that SpongeBob draws. In this, the democrats have 90% of 8% of the population.


Good luck with that.













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