The EU elections: The real comedy show.



Nigel Farage is a typical Brit.


There’s nothing he enjoys more than to listen to himself talk. For a man like Farage, the world is simple. Do what I say, and good things will flow from it.


Europe has democracies, the US does not. The founders designed our government to be decisive in times of stress and otherwise, impotent. Europe’s democracies left out decisive.


Farage is not Trump. Trump has power given to him by our constitution. Like him or not, he can move on a dime. The European democracies can’t move at all. All the EU elections accomplished is to make Europe less governable.


In my 4th novel, “Ghosts Never Die,” I create the situation where Germany could be ruled again by a king. This is explored in more depth in volumes 5 and 6 which will, unfortunately not be released until next year. In my opinion, Europe will have two options going forward. They’re either going to become monarchies or be ruled by tyrants. Mob rule never works, which is why Rome kept appointing Caesars.


Keep in mind, Farage’s victory does not make him PM, only England’s representative to the EU, the institution Farage wants to eliminate. In fact, Farage has spent the last 20 years earning $120,000 pounds per year, being paid by the EU while carping about the EU. He’s vested in their pension plan and gets a tax-free income.


Trump, on the other hand has spent the last twenty years swindling banks and investors out of their money. Now he’s trying to screw the Chinese. Seems like a good fit, but that’s just me.


In other words, Farage is more like Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump.


It’s easy to like a strong leader and I have to admit, I spent hours listening to Farage insult his EU counterparts. It was hilarious. But make no mistake, Farage is not and never will be a leader. He’s a hack, a bullshitter, a charlatan and a camera whore. As soon as he has to make real decisions, his popularity will be that of a child rapist.


You can say anything to Trump, but he’ll still deal with you. Reagan was like that. Both of these men have thick skin. I think the only people Reagan really ever truly hated were Gorbachev and his vice president, Bush 41.


People don’t realize that Europe’s being run by banks may be as good as it gets. Populism isn’t a form of government, it’s a form of theft. It was voters that destroyed Venezuela, not socialism. It will be voters that destroy Europe.






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