The Iran nuclear deal: Lies on top of lies.

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If you Google “Iran nuclear deal” and scroll down through the pages, all you’ll find are lies.


That’s because most the websites and news organizations are either click-bait news sites or paid political fact checkers.


Here are the facts:


The US froze Iranian assets because of the Beirut bombing where the US determined that Iran’s revolutionary guard was responsible for the deaths of 241 American troops.


The freeze involved Iranian owned real estate, like the Iranian embassy in Washington, but it was mostly foreign (outside Iran) financial assets that were frozen by banks.


The $1.7 billion was cash in cash form. (Dollar and Euro bills.) So, ask yourself this question. What possible use would Iranians have for dollars and Euro’s? You can’t spend dollars in Iran. Dollars and Euro’s will always be dollars and Euro’s.


The only reason they’d want currencies is for black market transactions.


That is, to avoid banks. To drug dealers, a bank is a box buried in the mountains. This is also why Obama tried to break US banking laws by giving Iran a special use permit to change dollars. To create more cash. In fact, according to the US treasury department, 60% of all US cash is held outside the US.


There’s about $500 billion in US $100 bills being used worldwide to finance the black market where you can buy ANYTHING!  


The lion’s share of Iran’s $100 billion that Obama unfroze are things like financial bank reserves, Iran’s sovereign wealth fund and payments for oil that were not repatriated back to Iran because they’re STILL not allowed to use the world’s banking system.


Donald Trump didn’t invent Iran’s short leash.


It was put in place by a succession of American administration because of Iran’s incessant funding of proxy wars.


A quick note on Democrat “negotiations.”


In 2013, I attended a talk given by Madeline Albright at my daughter’s college, Wellesley. Albright is an alum and chairs the Albright school of international politics.


Two things were apparent from the first 10 minutes of the talk. First, Albright hated George Bush with a passion, Second, the democrats (Like Kerry) believe in the sanctity of negotiation for negotiation sake.


Albright basically said that all the goodness they created through constant negotiation was destroyed by George Bush. In this she’s correct.


The Democrats believe that the road to victory is to surrender.


They always have, from the days when John Kerry was an antiwar protestor. They believe America is always wrong, as does Obama. This delusion will never change. It’s a culture.


What they don’t understand are markets.


Kerry’s delusion is the foundation of socialism.


The majority of Iran’s assets are central bank reserves. Why is this important? Because Iran does not have a currency. It’s a socialist (some might say communist) country. In the old days, when American politicians weren’t morons, people knew the danger in communist parasites.

Communist parasites are countries (like the old USSR) that want to be internally communist, but since communism doesn’t work, need to be outwardly capitalist.


I’ve been to two former communist parasite countries, East Germany before reunification and India prior to Modi. If you haven’t experienced it, you can’t believe the shit that these countries call consumer products. In a country governed from the top, consumer products are revolting.


These “regimes” use hard currency (dollars) to buy western products and given them to people in government. The rest of the people wallow in shit.


In other words, they want to use capitalist systems to support dictatorial communism.


In the case of Iran, they want to sell oil in US dollars, in western markets, using US futures and settle those trades in US dollars. This is because nobody wants Iranian riyals.


The media, (idiots without a clue) focus on whatever side of the argument they can use to create click bait and sell commercials for drive through window cuisine and weight loss products.


Even if their “journalists” had a brain, the ads departments wouldn’t allow real facts. They’re keenly aware that the average TV viewer is a click away from Sponge Bob.


The fact is the Iran deal put America at MASSIVE risk.


Far more risk than even the Republicans believe.


The unfreezing of Iran’s pension assets means direct payments to the very people that are directing Iran’s proxy wars. This is the equivalent to putting a million Iranian soldiers on US social security!


The unfreezing of Iran’s central bank assets means Iran can now settle trade in dollars. This means they can buy anything from anybody.


Officially, Iran said they wouldn’t “repatriate” the money because it would be inflationary. This is 100% bullshit. They won’t repatriate the money because the regime needs control of it to stay in power. If they spend it, it’s gone.


As much as the guy makes me cringe, Trump is the smartest guy in the room.


And he is by a large margin. His hit on the Iranian General was perfect. As long as Iran’s generals can send 18-year-olds to die in its proxy wars, and as long as Obama and Kerry agree to enrich Iran’s rulers, the US can’t contain Iran. Trump changed the game.


The fact that this puts his own children at risk show’s that he doesn’t play small. His newest sanctions cripple Iran.


There’s a reason why the left uses Great Thunberg as a speaker.


Because the average liberal thinks at the level of a 16-year-old.


This isn’t a state secret. Political books are written at a 7th grade level. I have a friend who’s a journalist. She has an ivy league degree and openly admits that she’s TOLD to write are a Greta level. Hillary Clinton’s books are written at the Harry Potter level. Every publisher knows this.


In fact, I have a program embedded in my blog that gives me a readability score. It CONSTANTLY flashes red. My sentences are too long and use too many uncommon words. (Like central bank) I ignore them because I’m not interested in attracting Harry Potter readers, but if you want to draw crowds, in publishing, stupefy.


Trying to navigate a world ensconced in stupidity is difficult.


Especially when the truly stupid people have PHD’s. It was Hillary herself who referred to Bernie Sanders voters as losers who live in their parents basements.


The real lesson we’ll probably learn is not that global warning is causing a sea level rise.


It’s that water always reaches its own level.







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