Global Warming: The latest from the commie thought police

Liberal Demonstrator


The jack-booted commies of the University left are at it again with Global climate change.


One really must wonder how they do this in broad daylight and get away with it.


Here, in Germany, global climate change isn’t even debated. It’s fact. I have a German friend who says she carries a straw in her handbag because she feels guilty throwing straws away. Here, the obsession with climate change fringes on lunacy.


It’s widely known that Germany’s sewage systems are unsafe. An article in Der Spiegel summarizes it best. German’s have become so obsessed with saving water that there is not enough water to flush out the sewer systems. Here in Nuremberg’s Altstadt, it’s common to walk through the shopping district with it’s $25,000 wristwatches and $4,000 men’s suits amidst the small of shit coming up through the manhole covers.


One might wonder, why do such seemingly intelligent people do such stupid things? Because they’re not trying to help the environment. They’re trying to create a communist Utopia.


Global climate change is nothing other than communism in drag.


Climate Change

Terrorists for climate change

This is not to say global climate change is a myth, or that reducing CO2 emissions and plastic use are bad. They’re not. But the policies put forth by politicians have nothing to do with CO2 and everything to do with controlling the lives of people.


A really GREAT book on the aftermath of WW2 is Savage Continent by Keith Lowe.


Book by author Kieth Lowe.

Highly recommended book by Keith Lowe.


Although the book isn’t about communism, the author notes that after the war, the Russians loved the idea of food coupons. Of course, food coupons were necessary then, because there was a food shortage. But the Commies knew that controlling the bellies of people made them slaves. This is why there were so few slave riots in the US and slave riots all over Brazil, Ecuador and the Antilles. Slaves ate on the plantations but faced starvation if they left.


Western progressives are obsessed with control. They want to control what you eat, where you live, how warm your house is but most importantly, how you think.


That’s why American “progressives.” (Commies in drag) are always screaming.

Anti communist protest

Anti Commie protest in Hong Kong

They literally can’t stand hearing anything they don’t agree with. It’s also why they openly endorse political candidates that are so stupid that they appear mentally deficient like Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris.


It’s also why their candidates make imbecilic statements that they believe are either obvious or absurd.


Take these two statements.


No one should ever go to bed hungry.


There are over 100 genders.


The first is absurd. 30% of America’s population is morbidly obese and 50% is just plain obese. In fact, half the population should go to bed hungry. The second is equally absurd. There are two genders. There may be 100 or 1,000 identities, but a gender is a biological reality.


So why do our commie neighbors make these statements?


For the same reason the Bible says Jesus walks on water and the constitution says all men are created equal, also ridiculous statements. According to the argumentative theory of communication, these statements have two purposes. Either to bring people together or divide them. In fact, those two statements, uttered by witless politicians seeking power do both. Unite and divide.


For the record, although there is a general consensus that oil and gas use pollutes the planet, there isn’t a rational scientist or economist on the planet that believes that humans can make a big enough dent in CO2 emissions to even stem the tide without causing widespread poverty and starvations.


But as we have seen in the past, the commies don’t give a rat’s ass about widespread starvation and poverty.


In fact, everywhere these jack-booted commies have gained power there has been widespread poverty and starvation. They don’t give a fuck. All they care about is their witless, brainless, community college level beliefs. They’re right, you’re wrong, so shut the fuck up and do what I say.


BUT, if this was simply the obsession of commies, we’d be lucky.


It’s also an infection in the right. When Bush decided to go into Iraq, he used Christians and patriotism to control the narrative. The media went along with it because they made a killing on war reporting. The people went with it because they wanted retribution for 911. Bush defined patriotism as taking out a home equity loan and buying a hot tub. He added a tax cut and never asked for what the country needed to win a war. A tax increase and the draft. No pain, no gain. That’s why we all lost.


The environmental lobby has always been jack booted commies.


In fact, the FBI at one time declared them a terrorist group. The only difference now is that they’ve used their tactics to control the democratic party. They’ve done this through massive money laundering of free trade cash from China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and 50 other countries into American media, universities, high schools, think tanks, madrassas, and charities.


Some of your favorite pundits are your enemies. You just don’t know it.


The newest savior of the commie left is Elizabeth Warren.


Warren in a like chameleon in a box of crayons. She’s constantly throwing shit against the wall to see what stinks. She originally tried to self-identify as a native American so she could virtue slap her detractors, much like Buttigieg does with his radical homosexuality, but she got that smacked back into her face. Now she’s the grimacing face of the enviro-commie movement.


Movie poster for Movie, "Reds"


Probably the best western movie about the commie movie is the movement Red’s,” starring Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Maureen Stapleton and Gene Hackman. (1) 



It’s the story of the rise of communism in Russia, and it’s friends in the US. Beatty and Keaton are staunch in their belief in communism and finally win the revolution. But in the end, they meet Lenin in his office, he laughs at them and kicks them to the curb.


In the end, for all of what you think are good intentions, the commie left will do the same to you.



They’ll kick you to the curb.


(1) The movie, Red’s is the property of Paramount pictures, a division of Viacom. It is based on the Novel, The Ten Days that Shook the World, by John Reed




Novel by Paul Schwartzmeyer

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Novel by Paul Schwartzmeyer

Click image for link


Novel by Paul Schwartzmeyer

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