The media conspiracy? Hint: It’s not about politics.

(And it’s making us fat.)

There is a media conspiracy, but I assure you, it’s not about politics. In fact, all US news media, all eleven major news channels do not draw to their political shows, as much as a single NFL football game. If the right (or left) really wanted to get back at the media conspiracy, it wouldn’t be news they’d turn off, it would be sports.

The media conspiracy is in the highlight reels.

NFL films just released it’s trailer, 25 Best Plays of 2018. Amazingly, only one play was made by the team that won the Superbowl and that was a defensive play. Why is it that so many of the league’s so-called best players, play on its worse teams?

Football is an advertising medium. Nothing else.

Its primary goal is making money, and in today’s digital, mass surveillance state, where virtually every audience move is tracked, clocked and fed into complex algorithms created by the world’s most brilliant mathematicians, the viewer is treated like a Pavlovian dog. They know exactly what your body craves and when to stick the commercial in front of your nose.

Sports enthusiasts have long argued that using athletes as role models promotes athleticism and motivates the viewer to work out.

Studies show the exact opposite is true.

Watching sports makes you fat, lethargic and gives you a much higher chance of diabetes and heart failure.

In fact, I would argue that watching sports, especially sports like football and basketball allow the viewer to experience winning and losing without any real skin in the game. Another hint: this is the media conspiracy and it’s not about politics. It’s about creating peak emotional states and using those states to sell crap.

The NFL hates the New England Patriots.

Why? Every year the NFL promotes what can best be described as a fantasy game. First, there’s the draft, then free agency. Teams are built around stars and these stars have very high visibility. They sell everything from drive-through window shit food, to insurance to NFL “apparel.” They have so triggered the audience, that grown men wear $150 uniforms with another man’s name on the back. When asked why they do this, most people say, “to support their team.”

When theater viewers go to see The Merchant of Venice, do the men dress like Bassanio and the women like Portia? I guess they’re not supporting their favorite players. In football lingo that would make them ‘haters.’

The New England Patriots are all about team. Sports as advertised, at least at the junior level, is about team. Yet, all of the plays the NFL put in their top plays of 2018 was based on a superstar. NONE was based on the man considered the best player in NFL history. Three came from the doormat Cleveland Browns.

That’s the media conspiracy. It’s not about news, it’s about coaxing you through a drive-through window with a meal deal.

Even as television viewing, especially sports viewing but also daytime shows have been shown to make people fat, lethargic, unhealthy and diabetic, the show goes on. And even as America’s streets are strewn with garbage from the packaging of take out crap and processed junk food imported from third world countries like India and Bangladesh, no one seems to notice.

The show must go on.

The media conspiracy is not about politics. The political channels are spit back TV, run by powerful algorithms which target viewer preference though a combination of social media, polls and political feedback from lobbies and “fact check” organizations. Even then, they have trouble growing audience.

There are a VERY limited number of people who could sit through even five minutes of Sean Hannity, Rachael Maddow or Chris Matthews.

But the market for athletics is massive. It can encompass business, (skyboxes) high schools, after-school activities, summer activities, you name it, and get into your child’s head when they learn their first words. It’s the ability to dominate the brain and use it’s “star system” to create small bursts of testosterone and link that to junk food is a big reason why Americans are so obese.

This is why you see grown men hundred pounds overweight wearing $100 sneakers and Aaron Roger’s jerseys. They’re modern athletes in their minds.

That’s the media conspiracy and it isn’t about news. If sports did what they claim it does, promote athleticism and team spirit, nobody would watch them. They promote hate, obesity and poor health.

The other conspiracy is about demographics. When I texted my daughter’s and asked them if they were going to watch the Patriots in the Superbowl my little one replied, “Oh, did they win?

They live in Boston!

Not only that, they are highly educated, successful twenty-something professionals. This demographic doesn’t watch sports or news. The average age of the news audience is almost seventy. In sports, it’s lower but still high.

The lesson of this is simple.

If you want to know who watches a TV show, just look at the commercials. That will give you the demographic. They also tell you how the media cartels are using feedback social media loops and powerful, super-computer algorithms to refine and define the “customer experience.” They then use sound and images to re-engineer the neuropathways in the brain.

Don’t believe it? Think you have control? Guess what? The fact that people don’t believe is why they always win.

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