The media ignores the banking crisis to sell more crap

The media is ignoring a major bank crisis to sell more Viagra, light beer and junk food. Sorry, but somebody has to say it. 


Suspense novel

Novel by Paul Schwartzmeyer

Scottie: We have the ship set up so even a monkey could run it.

Kirk: I’ll try not to take that personally


Sorry, but I have to say it. In the middle of a worldwide banking crisis similar to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, predictably the media focuses on what draws the most eyeballs. Another Media-CIA led attempt to overthrow the American Presidency.


The media knows the demographic of the people that watch their shows.  


They’re middle age and older people who have no jobs, need Viagra, are sue crazy, eat processed garbage food, drink fake beer and start every day with a prescription drug cocktail.


The people who need Viagra are not going to tune into the mainstream media to watch a bank crisis.


The CIA led attack on Trump, coordinated with the media and democrat party did exactly what they planned. Spiked television ratings.


Geeks notes on the Bank Crisis.  


Banks do not lend money, they create money. They do this by setting up loans from Bob to Bill and placing fake money in Bob’s account that Bill can draw on to pay off buying Bob’s house. Since Bob writes checks to other banks, the money, even though it leaves one bank, NEVER LEAVES THE BANKING SYSTEM. The collateral is Bills house.


In other words, it’s never lent OUT.


Sometimes though, the 1,000’s of loans don’t equal out. Bank A may have more checks drawn on it than they receive. This leaves them temporarily insolvent. (Like in the movie, “It’s a Beautiful Life”, with Jimmy Stewart.)  Banks solve this by what’s called “the overnight repo market.”


The repo market is a VERY short-term market where banks can lend between each other so that even though Bank A is insolvent for a few days, the SYSTEM is solvent.


Well, over the last week, the Federal Reserve has had to pump gajillions of dollars into the repo market because short term interest rates hit 10%. A 10% interest rate in the repo market means, THE BANKS DON’T THINK OTHER BANKS IN THE SYSTEM ARE SOLVENT.


Believe me, every dog knows his own yard. If banks think other banks are too risky to lend to, you can bet your ass they’re too risky to lend to.


Back to the media ignoring the bank crisis to sell Viagra.


Just as every dog knows its own yard, every media company knows it’s demographic. If you think Rachael Maddow and Sean Hannity aren’t perfectly aware of who’s watching them, and fantasize they’re going to steal viewers from each other, then buy some hamburger helper and crack open a Bud Light. The people who watch these shows have their heads frozen in space-time. NOTHING will ever cause them to change opinions, views or sides.


For the media to report the overnight repo crisis with the same zeal as the CIA attempt to overthrow Trump, (packaged by the CIA-Media complex as an impeachable offense) would be like declaring future bankruptcy.

Corporations would be forced to go to other shows this demographic is addicted to like Family Feud, Judge Judy or Porn Hub.


Remember, in 1975, 44 million Americans watched three main television news stations. In 2019, 21 million are watching 11 stations. Twice the population, half the audience. (During that time, the NFL quadrupled its viewership and Porn Hub funded the development of high-speed streaming)


Because of this, two things happened.


1) The media had to settle for viewers that hadn’t already switched to Porn Hub.


2) They had to switch to programming that tailored to people who actually think politics is more interesting than beautiful, naked Eastern European women performing oral on Russian bodybuilders.


One of my favorite books is a short novel by Kurt Vonnegut entitled, “The Sirens of Titan.” The premise of the book is that a ship is sent across the universe, but it breaks down. So, the aliens that sent it created Earth for the sole purpose of inventing a civilization that could manufacture parts for their ship to continue its voyage to Titan.


The Democrats are walking off a cliff!



The players in this ongoing defeat Trump crusade, the CIA-Media elite are like the Aliens going to Titan. The ship going to Titan’s role is to send the message, “Hi”. The people going after Trump are simply trying to keep their jobs and political privilege. There’s no grand democratic plan here. It’s petty bullshit.


In the first century BC, insanely wealthy Romans had an obsession for crystal goblets to drink wine from. But not just any crystal. It had to be multicolored crystal from India. The stone, quartz, was fashioned by experts into goblets so fragile that the slightest tap could shatter them. They cost upwards of the salary of 150,000 Roman workers in a year.


The Romans fought three wars against the Parthians to control the trade routes to what is now Iran, in order to control the trade in crystal, among other things. It cost them 100,000 men and all their possessions along the Euphrates river.


My point is, if you think the people in power won’t start wars and destroy America to maintain their place at the bridge table, grab a box of Hamburger Helper and crack open that Bud Light. It’s a tale as old as the Roman empire.


By the way, Brutus didn’t kill Julius Caesar because he was a bad emperor. Quite the opposite. If you think the CIA wants Trump out because he’s a bad President, crack another Bud Light. They could give a flying fuck about the country.


The Vietnam war was started to help Lyndon Johnson win an election. In that, the US lost more men than the idiot Marc Antony lost in his last excursion against the Parthians.


In the end, Octavian killed Antony, Cleopatra killed herself and Octavian became sole emperor. He negotiated a face-saving treaty with the Parthians, got the Euphrates settlements back and opened up sea borne trading routes which bypassed the Parthians.


Trump, like Octavian, is avoiding stupid wars and defense treaties the US has no interest in. We’ll know the end when we can say Et tu Mitch McConnell?


It’s hard to imagine the USA electing a man with the integrity of Octavian. When invited to a party, one of the servants accidentally broke a crystal goblet. The owner had the servant thrown into a vat of giant lampreys, that were to tear his flesh off.


Octavian ordered the slave freed and all the crystal goblets smashed.


Do you think the titans of media will order the crystal goblets smashed and focus on the overnight repo market, the fact that we are in five wars, or corruption?


Not a rat’s ass chance in hell.


PS: Saudi Arabia, with the help of US and international banks is about to pull over a trillion dollars out of your pension, IRA and 401-k and hand it over to their family of pervert princes. These are some of the same people who funded the 911 attacks. Guess the media will miss this one also.
















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