The noose is tightening on Mueller

The noose is tightening on Mueller



It’s a tactic that was used in Congressional inquiries. You state your case and then take the 5th. In other words, state your case and not allow your detractors to take theirs.


Mueller had no need to formally close his office on C-Span. It was already closed. The reason he did it was simple.


The noose is closing, and he needs impeachment.


Much of what Mueller said was a flat out lie. They don’t have evidence that thr Russians hacked Hillary Clintons emails. The only “evidence” was from Hillary Clinton herself. They never looked at her server.


Furthermore, they never investigated the fact that she erased 36,000 emails, never mentioned that those emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop or that Hillary was sharing classified information with Sidney Blumenthal.


But you know this.


This press release is for Nancy Pelosi, who he is pinching. Imagine Pelosi’s dilemma. She cross examining a witness and all of a sudden, Barr indicts Peter Strzok! Hahaha.


All the while Pelosi is claiming Trump obstructed justice, Barr is arresting the very people who Trump supposedly “obstructed.”


You can’t make this shit up. Oh, wait. They are making this shit up.






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