Forget Ukraine, the travesty is Syria


As we focus on Biden and Ukraine, the travesty in Syria goes on. It reflects, in my opinion, three things that Americans are being blinded from.


1) The ineptitude of Obama-Bush-Clinton and the neocons. The refugee situation in Syria is one of the worse in post WW2 history.

2) The use of war as a tool for western economic growth.

3) The total corruption in America’s political-media-defense industries.


Lebanon, a country with 6.5 million people is currently holding 1 million Syrians.


To put this into perspective, imagine if the US took in 45 million people with no money, no homes and no jobs. THAT’S JUST LEBANON!


Syrian refugees are pouring into every country surrounding Syria and threaten stability in the entire region. Whenever anyone mentions this to a western politician, they get the same response you’d get from a parrot. Get rid of Bashar Assad.


There’s ZERO evidence that getting rid of Bashar Assad would stabilize Syria. Did getting rid of Saddam Hussein stabilize Iraq?


The neocons had an idea twenty years ago. They said we can democratize the middle east and we’ll all be happy campers. Yet, after 20 years, they don’t have a single middle eastern success story. Iraq is a bloodbath. Egypt is falling apart, the entire Sinai a war zone. Bahrain has taken to executing it’s population. Yemen is becoming a place that looks like nuclear winter. Libya has fallen so far that they now have a slave trade and perpetual tribal warfare.


This has become an emergency as more and more Syrians have made their way into Germany and England.


People seem to forget that these countries already have VERY HIGH population densities. (both about 8X that of the USA) They are already flooded with “resettlements” within the EU. England alone has 2 million resettlements from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Spain.


Everyone leaving coming into a country is also leaving one. Here in Germany, there are millions of highly qualified foreign workers. There is also a small army of foreign prostitutes, beggars, graffiti artists and welfare recipients.


Many of the foreign “resettlements” I have met are from Poland. They tend to be very smart, hard working and friendly. Frankly, I wish they moved to the USA. They are certainly not taking jobs from Germans. Germany has a huge labor shortage. But what does it do to Poland when the countries best and brightest leave?


In spite of Syrian immigration, EU immigration has actually made Germany and the UK “whiter.” But these are all Christian nations. The Syrians are Muslim and although one might argue that some day they’ll assimilate, they currently are not.


But the real travesty of the Syria war is in Turkey.


It’s been estimated that there are 3.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. The west, especially the US state department has always treated Turkey as if they were the EU’s doorknob. Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland, two people who really don’t give a shit about Americans much less Turks, have constructed a foreign policy that basically ignores everybody.


Both of these women, along with Obama, are so ensconced in their own egos, they can’t imagine anyone else even has a brain, much less their own self-interest. In the US, these what I like to call “mall-rat” politicians seem to think words are true because they come out of their mouths.


The situation in the middle east and northern Africa has not been this bad since WW2. The economic situation in the Mediterranean including Lebanon and especially the Sinai Peninsula is catastrophic.


It’s sad that western media is as pathetic as it is.


It wasn’t until popular uprisings against mass Syrian immigration became everyday occurrences that they started to pay attention. It wasn’t until Jews starting leaving France by the plane load that it was even newsworthy that their lives were in constant danger. Even after massive bombings and killings in Nice, Paris and London hardly anyone thought these wars had any affect on the west.


It’s sad, but Brexit did not need to happen.


Brexit was the fault of Hillary Clinton and the inept fool Barack Obama. These are the people that destroyed Europe. That and a deeply embedded US State Department. Look for Europe to start breaking ties with the US.


And the UK? Their economy is going to implode.





































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