Theresa May’s biggest mistake isn’t Brexit.

Theresa May’s biggest mistake isn’t Brexit.



Theresa May’s biggest mistake was inviting Trump to England.


Want to hear a dirty little secret? The British hate Americans.


They look down their nose at everybody but save their hatred for Americans, and Donald Trump’s visit will expose that.


Every nation’s cohesiveness is based on their ability to create a mythology. Few historical leaders are as they become after the die. Kennedy was a worthless drunk. Most of the American founding fathers were land speculators. Men joined the army during the revolutionary war because they were promised two meals a day. Contrary to myth, the US was not taxed heavily by the British. The colonies were a tax heaven. There was no “freedom of religion.” It was illegal to be a Catholic.


British mythology revolves around their belief that the British empire was like Rome and it was powerful because of the intelligence and resilience of the people. It’s utter horseshit.


The British “empire” was a banking empire based on the idea that everything in England was subservient to the value of the pound. During large parts of their history, their glory years were times of misery for their people. If you’ve ever read Great Expectations or Little Dorrit, you get an inside look at the non-mythical “empire.” During a time Keynes called the peak of British power, 12 million people left the island. In 1900, 90% of all British land was owned by 400 men.


Contrary to the tales of inspector Morse, the communist party was extremely popular among the British, especially lesser royals that did not inherit property.


My point is, England needs the USA and Trumps visit and the protests that come with it will show the “deplorables” in America just how much the British hate the USA.


If the British leave the EU and there’s a rift between the US and England, the UK is finished. Their existence is based on the fact that the US will back their claims militarily. This is why Tony Blair agreed to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Without the US, the British navy is a bunch of fishing boats.


The larger problem with England is Russia. Germany doesn’t need England, but you can bet your ass they need Russia and Russia needs them. Germany has no energy sources and a huge, highly technical manufacturing base. They also have no army or navy. Russia has an enormous energy industry and a highly intelligent population but can’t manufacture fly swatters. And Russians can fight like the devil.


Had Hitler not launched operation Barbarossa against Russia, England today would be ruled by Germans much as it was for centuries. England, to use the words of Fernand Braudel, became an island when they relinquished Normandy under Elizabeth 1st. For three centuries their banks ran world trade and their royals lived like… well, royals.


Those days are over. The British have neither the people nor the resources to be an Island again. They can’t do small. If they decide as a nation that they don’t want the US President in their country, they’re fucked. It’s the deplorables that join the Army. Americans will be very hard pressed to bail out the British in a war. Even in the tiny Falklands war, British officers have conceded that without Ronald Reagan, the Brits would have lost.


If they’re not able to defend a rock against Argentina, how can they defend the strait of Hormuz, the North Sea or the Suez Canal?  


May’s mistake was her arrogance. Under normal times, the Queen would have fixed this.


Most people, including many Brits do not realize what a truly great woman Elizabeth was. She was the greatest leader of the twentieth century. She was the glue that held the country together but more importantly, she was as powerful as a bear and as graceful as a swan. She patched over long held international grievances, smoothed over political differences, covered for England’s army of arrogant, witless leaders and showered the country in foreign business contracts.


But the queen is old and feeble, and her heir is a worthless petunia planting fucktard. Honestly, as an emissary, the UK would be better of sending a red nosed Irish Pub owner to commonwealth countries than Charles. Of the Queens two grandsons, one is as silent as a lamb and the other wouldn’t invite the American president to his wedding.  


And make no mistake, millions, perhaps tens of millions of “deplorables” see the connection between MI6 and the attempted overthrow of Donald Trump and this leads straight to Theresa May.


England is rudderless, leaderless, weak and vulnerable. Frankly, Theresa May couldn’t leave fast enough.
















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