Tom Brady’s TB12 diet. What’s the fuss?

Tom Brady’s TB12 diet. What’s the fuss?



I finally broke down and bought Brady’s book.


When he posted his 61-mph passing speed, I was hooked. When a guy that couldn’t throw a football 61mph at 22 or 32, throws it that fast at 42, it’s time to take notice.


In my humble opinion, there are 4 different types of diets.


1) The Atkins diet – no pasta, no beer.

2) The South Beach diet – no pasta no beer,

3) The Keto diet – np pasta no beer,

4) The Vegan diet – Don’t eat anything, smoke tons of pot, cover yourself in tattoos and get a web site so everybody knows your vegan.  


There’s nothing in Brady’s diet that isn’t in other diets.


His big controversy is over eating acidic foods. The “experts” say that since the body creates normal PH regardless of what you eat, acidic foods are not bad for you. I like this idea. Since the kidneys naturally filter alcohol, I’m going to drink a bottle of Scotch a day.


Brady’s day starts with a smoothie. (Wow! That’s a game changer!) Then, after he works out, he has a granola bar and a protein shake. After that, 6 ounces of Salmon and a bushel of Brussel Sprouts. After that, a few more granola bars and back to the Salmon and Brussel Sprouts.


This diet is a huge controversy because Brady, (Get this) doesn’t eat peppers and onions!!!! Aside from Sicilian grandmother’s, who could possibly think this is controversial?


One thing in Brady’s book I especially aspire to is eating seasonal and local.


I can assure you, as someone who has composted probably 200 tons of compost, local organic vegetables are totally different from imports. I’ve always found it curious that in winemaking, the grape is all about the soil, but in vegetables, we don’t think that way.


When we eat, we’ll eat anything but when we’re getting shit faced… hey, you have to draw the line somewhere!


There’s a world of difference between the plants that come from real, healthy soil and those that come from depleted silt with a ton of Miracle Grow dumped on it.


(As a side note, I used to lease a few acres of land to a farmer where he grew corn. My wife at the time booted him because she wanted to use it as pasture. It took her three years before she could get hay to root in the soil.  Before that, all she got was weeds.)  


But Brady also includes in his theory of local and seasonal things that are northern seasonal, like stew, soup and sausage. Here he touches on something he doesn’t finish. People who’ve evolved from different areas have different bodies. If you feed a northern European diet to a south American, in a few months they’ll resemble the dumplings you fed them.


The valuable part of his book though are his ideas on workouts and pliability.



His critics say Brady’s life as a professional athlete puts more stress on his body that the normal person but think this through. In football, a player runs his ass off for three minutes, then stands there twiddling his thumbs waiting for the beer and pizza commercials to end.


Anybody that’s ever been to a game can attest to this. They’re constantly heating up and cooling down. This puts incredible stress on their joints.


But isn’t this what we do?


We spend long periods of time doing nothing. Then we do things like shovel the driveway, mow the lawn or run up and down stairs. Brady’s workouts are all about maintaining muscle without sacrificing pliability. It’s pliability that enables you to take a hit and get up off the carpet.


The criticisms of TB12 are typically that we all aren’t like Brady and therefore, don’t need to diet like he does. Maybe, but last year, Brady posted a video of himself surfing with his wife. I can’t play football, but you can bet your ass I’m gonna surf… and ski… and snorkel… and hike… until I drop dead.


To me, even though there’s little new in TB12, I still consider the book a strong buy. Brady has been able to stick to his diet and workout regiment because he has strong “whys.” He wants to jump off cliffs with his daughter. He wants to surf with his wife. And on third and 11 in the Super Bowl, he wants to be able to throw a 61-mph pass to Julian Edelman, something no other 42-year-old quarterback could ever do.


If one wants to live like Brady, you’ll do what he says. If not? Well, that’s why the good lord created vending machines.











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