Trump is triangulating the Democrats

Trump is triangulating the Democrats



Imagine the debate between Trump and Biden.


Biden: Tariffs are going to increase costs to American consumers.


Trump: A tariff is nothing other than a sales tax. If sales taxes are so destructive, why are they so high in New York?


End of debate.


This is why Schumer has come out in support of Trump’s tariffs. It’s not like Schumer has seen Jesus, it’s that Trump has … well, Trumped him. Tariffs tax imports and not domestic production. If Trump wanted to, he could replace income taxes with taxes on oil and gas, imports and the use of the US dollar in overseas trade.


If Trump took this stance, and promised to eliminate tax returns, he’d win 50 states.


The Democrats are in a position of extreme weakness. They all want tax increases, but the US is already running a $1 trillion deficit. A tax increase is not going to solve the problem as any new taxes would simply be eaten up by the deficit. Also, their obsession with white hate and flooding the country with Somalians is causing them to lose BLACK votes.


The left has portrayed the President as a dictator, but they seem to forget that the ability to make fast decisions when the country is in peril is the reason the founders didn’t want a democracy. None of Europe’s democracies are currently functioning. IN times of strife, the people want a strong leader.


And the Democrats are “celebrating” Peter Buttigieg and Beto. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.





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