Trump would be crazy to stop Tweeting

Trump would be crazy to stop tweeting.


Trumps tweeting is making the attorney general’s job impossible?


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Can somebody explain what his job his? He’s done nothing since day one. His predecessor William Sessions did less.


To the average news junkie, the Wikileaks emails had enough convictable offenses to lock up half of Washington. How many people were convicted? ZERO!


The President has just gone through three years of absurd accusations. What has the DOJ done? Side with the accusers! Click To Tweet


The DOJ was quick in its conviction of Dinesh D’Souza. They wasted no time in destroying the tea party. They moved like greased lightening in dispensing with Hillary Clinton’s crimes.


Justice moves slowly, especially when you bill by the hour. Do these guys have any function other than batting their dicks back and forth and watching porn?


Donald Trump may have been born on a Thursday, but it wasn’t yesterday. He knows that in the end, Barr is going to screw him. In the end, Barr will have to decide whether he wants to defend the President and risk his seat at the Ivy league bridge table.


He’ll choose the bridge table. If we’ve learned anything in this exercise of draining the swamp, it’s this.


Donald J. Trump knows that his only defense is his peeps.


The only real interest in the DOJ is increasing their budget and getting free meals.


The American people need to go back to their communities and their churches. Nobody else is going to protect them.







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