Was Obama really the President?


Was he really the president or was he the PINO. (President in name only?)


There are two things that struck me as odd having read hundreds of Clinton and Podesta emails on Wikileaks.


  • Hillary Clinton was TOTALLY engaged in her job as Sec of State.
  • There are few if any references to Obama. In fact, his name is rarely mentioned.


Sid Blumenthal did not have security clearances.


“Barack Obama forbade her from employing Sidney Blumenthal at the State Department, so she employed him at her family’s foundation instead.” Atlantic Magazine.


What this means is that the Clinton Global Initiative wasn’t a charity, it was a shadow government.


I talk about these NGO’s in my novel “Formula One,” in fictionalized form, but they’re very real.


If Obama was really President, how could he not know this?


Then there’s Sandy Berger. Sandy Berger faced criminal penalties for destroying classified documents at the National Archives, but that didn’t stop Clinton from informally employing him as an adviser on sensitive Middle East peace negotiations. Same Atlantic article above.


Wikileaks is a treasure trove of information. The real conspiracy is not how they were leaked, but how the press, after all this time, continues to cover them up. If Obama really was President, why did allow the Clinton Global Initiative to run it’s own information gathering and money raising foreign policy behind his back?


If Obama really was President, how were his March Madness picks so accurate?


Did you ever stop to think how much basketball a man has to watch to be able to rattle off the names of programs, players and their coaches on live TV? But Obama did it every year with incredible accuracy. This is on top of golf, vacations and the public appearances a president must perform. He did this all while we were in FIVE WARS!!!


Was Barack Obama really the President of the United States?





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