The New Growth Industry: White Hate

The New Growth Industry: White Hate

The growth industry in white hate…


is not that new, but the first time I noticed it was during the absurd slandering of John and Patsy Ramsey.


If you recall, the Ramsey’s were accused by the media as well as the breathtakingly inept Bolder, Colorado police of raping and murdering their six-year-old daughter Jon-Benet. (For the record, DNA evidence eventually labeled the murderer as a Latino male.) The case made headlines for months, nearly bankrupting the Ramsey’s and destroying John’s business.


To this day though, millions of Americans believe the Ramsey’s killed their own child, even though they were exonerated, and the media paid out millions in law suits.


The growth industry in white hate has gone to levels that would have been unthinkable even 5 years ago.


The case against the Covington High School students should stun people.


Young kids have been doing stupid things for years, but as the facts emerged, not only did these kids do NOTHING provocative, it was clear from the outset they were set up. The speed at which the media ran with the story is stunning and, not tobe over the top, eerily reminiscent of jack-booted NAZI’s. In the eyes of the media…


They were white, they were Catholic, they were guilty. This is the new indjustry in white hate.


Going stupid is the new normal. The new paradigm is white hate.


In 2017, Rachael Maddow broke the story of Donald Trumps tax returns. Even the leftist Slate thought it was absurd. When I saw the clip, I was stunned. A recent graduate of H&R Block’s 1040 school could have done a more competent job analyzing it. It hinged on buffoonery. Yet, Maddow’s ratings skyrocketed.


The fact is, the media has the ability and the resources to create real news, but there’s no money in it. The average news viewer is 70 years old, watches TV almost all day and views cuisine as a drive through window.


The growth industry in White Hate has grown so widespread, it would take all day just to list the major events.

  • The Duke Lacrosse Players

  • The Tawanna Brawly case

  • Ferguson Missouri

  • The Cambridge Police department case.

  • The Starbucks café’ case.

  • The Clarence Thomas case.

  • The Trevon Martin case.

  • The Omarosa Manigault case.

  • The NFL versus Tom Brady

  • The Jessie Smollett case.

  • The payoff of the Rev Jerimiah Wright

  • The Oprah Winfrey purse case.

  • Covington High School.

  • The case against Amanda Knox.

  • Melania Trump versus the Daily Mail in the UK.

  • The Bret Kavanaugh rape case

  • The Lena Dunham rape case.

  • The Virginia fraternity case.

  • The pedophilia Case against Roy Moore.

The majority of these people were guilty of being one thing and one thing only. Being White.


What’s truly amazing though, is that even though the growth industry in White Hate has grown exponentially, the misreporting of cases against the police, minorities and members of the media has amounted to a national coverup.


One might think that being locked in your office by your boss and fondled would be an OSHA violation, but not in America.


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