Why Republicans should support draconian gun control

It would be the KISS OF DEATH to the left. 

Why? In a nutshell. Republicans don’t break the law.


Any gun control legislation would effectively take guns away from blacks and Hispanics.


Imagine this. A gun bill that said you cannot own a gun if you were ever arrested for DWI, assault, minor drug crimes, dropped out of high school, if you were on any mind-altering drug like Ritalin or if you were behind on child support payments.


You would literally disarm blacks and Hispanics.


Let’s look at the facts.


If Hispanics were taken out of the “white” category of crime statistics and put in with “people of color” like they do in politics, the USA would have a crime rate similar to Sweden or Germany.


Here’s the dirty little secret on “laws.”


Anyone who knows me knows I lived for 7 years in Saudi Arabia. The country has the most draconian laws on earth. Saudi Arabia’s laws don’t prevent crime. They’re laws are because the Saudi’s like most desert cultures, are INTOLERANT of crime.


The same is true in Germany. I was once torn a new butt by an elderly German woman for jay walking on A TOTALLY EMPTY COUNTRY ROAD. The Germans have zero tolerance for crime.


The left isn’t trying to control crime, they’re trying to defund the Republican party. Call their bluff.


Pass draconian gun laws. Let the mayor of Baltimore figure out how they’re going to enforce them.





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